The gaming thread

So, for the last 4 years, I’ve been on No Man’s Sky. I like that they continue to improve it. My current primary save has >700 hours.

Last year, I crushed Obduction, well worth the spend.

I just pulled X-Plane 11; had previously been on v9, and v8 prior to that. I might get back to flying VATSIM, in the near future. Brief deviations into Flightgear and Prepar3d. They are meh, X-Plane is the shiznit. My route is Piarco to Jonestown, and back, in a 738.

What games/sims are you nerds playing, on the regular?


I was pretty good at Asteroids back in the day.

Pinball anyone?


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You need VR. It’s like sex for your eyeballs.

(edit) there are also devices you can purchase which will make it like sex for your entire body.

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You realize I have an addictive personality.

I don’t do video games.

Sex robots though I have an interest in.

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We need a gofundme to put you in a 6DOF platform with a couple of Lovense devices.

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Social Media Mortal Kombat.

Here you go. It doesn’t end well.


At present I alternate between X Com 1 and Blood Bowl 2

God I miss video games.

One of these days I’d love to play Skyrim from start to finish, rather than 20 minutes every six months.

Thread image.


Damnit. I need to get better at doing that, pre-emptively.

Trying to nudge people into it by putting awful ones in threads where they forget.

Just noticed GIFs work too which is rad.

I’m playing Battle Brothers, Hotline Miami and Darkest Dungeon on the switch. All old games but all great.

Poor Sex Robot

You would have thought jail would be a great place for a Sex Robot with the correct orifices fitted

I do a bit of Among Us to keep in touch with Jnr at college

Manifold Garden has been pretty good, it’s a nice chill abstract puzzle game. Also trying to get through Outer Wilds, and it’s been really great thus far.

Personally, I’m in awe of how you’d even come up with the design of these games, they both bend your brain pretty good. It’s also nice that they run on last year’s toaster, I appreciate when an artist creates a lot from a little.

I play mortal kombat 11 and street fighter 5 occasionally.

Thanks to my 7yr old I mostly play minecraft, Ark Survival, Roblox, Fortnite.

We have No mans sky and have adventured a bit with it but didnt get hooked because his friends dont play it so its not cool enough.

We mostly play on PC but occasional X box for Just Dance or Call of Duty and very rarely Switch for Mario Cart or Splatoon.

Mostly my preference is turn based strategy and tactics games.

I have a pretty deep fondness for simulator games like Garage Simulator and games/websites/programs that use real world knowledge and skills like Rocksmith 1 & 2 and other educational music programs that allow me to hook up instruments and play skill challenges on my computer.

If I had a kid, I probably wouldn’t let them play most video games that are the classic time sink games such as WoW and similar life and body wrecking passtimes.

I’d make sure they could blow the other kids away with smooth guitar licks or build their own pickup or something practical or sport related. Basketball hoop, batting cage with a pitching machine, anything better than brain jellification with things like you get 1 hour of free play for every 2 hours spent on learning a skill… after homework and only if they have straight A’s.

Easier said than done but that’s how I was raised and it paid off.

Any EASports Fifa, with my kid (8), when available.

Metal Slug, Cadillacs&Dinosaurs with the other two (6 & 4), when the wife gives her permission.

She is addicted to Sonic and Pang.

I miss Super Mario World and MicroMachines in SuperNES, right now.

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Mario Odessy on the Switch is really good.

You can kinda Co Op too with one person has the cap but its not proper co op but its fun.