The FAFO Thread: People Finding Out

Let’s get this started:

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LOL. You ended the thread with your OP.

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I’m sure a new contender will arise shortly, people being what they are.

FaFo, right ?

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A new challenger appears!

That was fucking sad.

How cheaply Human Life is valued.

The dead man’s life was worth less than a few dents in a truck.

I have no words.

When we kill another human, we destroy another universe.

Everything they were, everything they are, and everything they will or could be.

To destroy a universe, and another human being, over a few dents in a truck.

Did this man, have children?

Did he have a wife, waiting for him to come home?

Was his mother alive, and will her womb ache, where she bore him?

Will her breasts ache, where she fed him?

Will her hands itch to touch him, and he is not there, any more.

Will she remember, how his head smelled as a baby?

All those hundreds, and thousands of his diapers changed.

Those first happy steps, where as a child he first walked.

The first time he ate ice cream.

The face he made, when he was first given a lemon to try.

Did he watch with wonder, as the birds flew above him?

Did he giggle with wonderment, at the animals?

Was he a kind man?

Was he survived by those that remembered him as a hero, or a helper, or a comforter, when they were sad?

All of these empty chairs, at empty tables.

Trading precious grains of sand, for the dents, in a truck, and the exposition of a webpage.

I am filled with sadness.


Not sure how that all evolved, but…

White dude probably got arrested.

Here’s a FaFo I can get behind.

Living in trailer park, owns multiple BMW cars… 18 years old…

Hmm, not suspicious at all.

The rest of the story, kind of.

Google Translate version below.

A video circulating on social networks shows a traffic fight in which a man is shot and falls to the ground after kicking a pickup truck at a gas station, in the city of Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, on Saturday night (1/4) .

In the images, a black man, in moss green pants and shirt, appears kicking the truck. Then, a second man, in shorts and a polo shirt, pulls out a firearm and shoots twice at the boy, who falls to the ground.

According to initial information provided by the Bahia Civil Police, the victim was shot after getting involved in a traffic fight. The argument would have started after a crash between the two men’s vehicles. The boy shot was rescued by a unit of the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu).

The case will be investigated as attempted murder. After being identified, the shooter said he would turn himself in at the Homicide Police Station.


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I think the allegations, if found to be true, would warrant censure at the very least.