Austin Protestor Shooting Thread

Mutual FAFO:

Also, I think this a testament to why open carry if maybe not the best idea in the world in a lot of circumstances.

In case nobody noticed, or understood "Soros - backed DA " is used like “groomer” in certain circles, in which apparently Paxton runs.

It’s worth noting that Ken Paxton is the most corrupt AG in American history, currently under several federal indictments and running scared from process servers.

That does not excuse another miscarriage of justice.

Drunk guys and a moose. FAFO !

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Well, talk to the jury about it. System worked…

Eh, a trained killer killed a guy that was attempting to kill him first. I think that’s pretty cut and dry as being a good shoot. But, we have to make an example of people, that is his true service to the country.

That might well be what happened. On the other FAFO hand, dude was driving around in a riot to make extra cash as an Uber?

I don’t know all the facts, I wasn’t at the trial. I def more lean to your interpretation though, as to what happened.

Driving around in ATX, when his home base was SATX. That is not lost on me.

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Not on topic, but we will let it slide this time, right?
For context for non-Tejanos:

It’s more about the fact that of anyone whose opinion on a matter of justice should be consulted, Ken Paxton should be at the bottom of such a list.

And yet, Fox “News” consults him. Telling.

Such is the nature of journalism. You have a story, you find somebody to corroborate it.

Nobody looks for somebody to disprove them.

Fox News isn’t journalism, it’s jingoism.

You misspelled Russia Today, Phrost.

Lord only knows what Putin has on the Murdoch clan, but I’ll bet it makes Succession look like Ted Lasso.

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Considering Kremlin-run news media all but rebroadcasts Tucker Carlson’s show directly, it’s recursive.

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Just like the rest. You can’t trust any of them, but all of them together sometimes put together enough truthful information for people to have some semblance of a clue.

You misspelled Al Jazeera.

Fox News consults a lot of people, some better than others. Same can be said of CNN, which I also look at every day, MSN (oh boy, no bias there!), etc.

One must look at various sources, realizing what might trigger biases. And in fact, having that frame of mind and looking at stuff that might trigger biases is a useful exercise.

Requires some mindfulness, but, it is useful IMO.

Some of it is news reporting, not all of it.

Similar to the rest of the MSM.

And no, I’m not defending Fox News, so don’t even go there.

While all suckle at the teats of oligarchy, some are less thirsty than others, and being unable to discern one from another only serves the interests of the worst.