Tallest Midget Competition

So, in this thread we will compare Biden to Trump to see who is most deplorable

Attribute 1

Which one has sided with Putin over his own intelligence agencies the most?


Are you sure you are not referring to, which one more transparently called out the flaws, corruption, and misbehaviors in the U.S. intelligence agencies, where they may have exceeded their mandate, and legal authorities, and done so without Presidential leave, nor formal Congressional leave to do so?

No, but we could compare those atributes as well

In this thread, we will nominate and point out that Doofalooda is more deplorable than either of his nominees,
for thinking that it was socially acceptable for him to buttinsky about other countries elections, or how people in other countries cast their votes,
even more so for him doing so, without being a member or resident of that country,
and even more so, again, for Doofa having to rely on Google Fu, like a Google Fu idiot, to do so.

It sounds like a dick tuck to me

What do you guys think?

Those are not the relevant attributes to consider.

Here are the relevant ones:

Doofaloofa Attribute A:
Doofaloofa lives is a shithole so backwards, that it still has a House of Lords.

Doofaloofa Attribute B:
Doofalooda lives in a shithole, that has the rare distinction of being so fucking backwards and helpless, that it never gained independence from England’s bullshit.

Doofaloofa Attribute C:
Exhibit B means Doofaloofa lives in a shithole, that still answers to a Queen / Monarchy, like a bunch of backwards, stupid jerk offs.

Doofaloofa Attribute D:
The residents who live in the shithole where Doofaloofa lives are such backwards fuckwads,
that not only are there strict restrictions on them owning firearms,
but they can’t own airguns that put out more than 1 foot pound of energy without getting a special license, because…“They might put their eye out.”

Given your favorite porn, you would know what that sounds like.
I have no doubt that you heard a dick tuck.
But you did not here it from electronic words, which have no sound.
Maybe, you were going through withdrawal from hearing dicks tucking, as you like?

Biden likes war more than Trump

Well, don’t present them for consideration then, ninny

I’m kind of getting the impression that you agree with me that Biden, though lacking in many ways, is indeed a better President than Trump

I don’t know

Trump sold a lot of war making material to the Saudis

Attribute C

Who has the most sexual assault allegations against them?

Joe or Donald

Answer : Joe 1: Donald 27

No, people from other countries sometimes talk about the U.S. politics, or the United States in general, in manners they would never dare to speak about other countries, especially in the presence of people from those countries, because it would obviously be unspeakably rude, and inappropriate.

So, when that occurs, I like to gently remind them that politeness is a manner of reciprocity, and quid pro quo.

And on a separate but related note, I am not going to discuss American political candidates with you, as a non-American citizen, and non-American resident, except in the context of matters that may be relevant to you, such as their policies on International trade, or International treaties, or International military conflicts.

Otherwise, mind your fucking manners, and keep your inappropriate couch quarterback Google Fu you like the smeill of your own farts comments to yourself.

Why don’t you stick to matters that you might know somethings about.

If you wish to discuss the serial sexual abuse allegations concerning British Prime Ministers, Parliament, or the other Imperial forces the Queen has left to oppress, I mean govern, the North bit of Ireland that England stole and has not given back yet, that might be more appropriate matters for you to discuss.

No stones

Duly noted

Attribute D

Who has extorted the most foreign leaders to dig up dirt on his political rivals

Biden or Trump?

Who had more Irish political opponents from Northern Ireland, imprisoned without real due process, for years, that sometimes ended up being decades, at a time:

Margaret Thatcher.

Yet another attempted derail

Honestly, Dr, you’re incorrigible

Attribute E

Which one has been recorded boasting about sexual assault the most

Touchy Feely Joe or “Grabem’ by the Pussy” Donald

Which members of Parliament , and UK Prime Ministers, have been the most horrible sex offender twats,

And did Prince Charles, and the Monarchy have Princess Diana assassinated?

Also, when will England return Northern Ireland to Ireland?

Britain/England: How many years of brutal imperialism versus the US?



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