Surgeon attempting uterus transplant in trans woman

A surgeon is attempting a uterus transplant into a trans woman:

Ok stop the planet I want to get off :rofl:

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I don’t understand what’s wrong with this or what requires a laugh?

This isn’t even the first time I’ve heard of something like this being attempted.

And what were the outcomes for the person undergoing the surgery?

They have performed the procedure successfully in women, before.
It is an interesting development, not just for the trans community, but also males who might wish to carry the child of a dead female spouse, or a female spouse that cannot get pregnant, and is not a candidate for the procedure herself.
Or the possibility that the transplant could be done in a pig, or great ape, for couples where the female cannot carry the child, for whatever reason.
From a medical and fertility treatment perspective, uterus transplants are a fascinating domain, with several interesting potential use cases, that brings us one step closer, to true artificial wombs.

What next?

Making penises and breasts bigger no doubt

Or putting unclean pig organs in folk?

Medical science is out of control!

Or inject folk with botulism to make them look younger

Or put blood from one person into another shudder

E Greenberg had a patent for a design of one back in the 1950’s but that one had to be outside the body.

I sometimes wonder how the body would react to replacing the organs like this, especially cross-sex organ replacement. Wonder if this requires changes to anti-rejection drugs and the like, or if its possible to grow on ‘for you’ from a clone of you that’s been altered to the opposite sex (how you’d do that is beyond my understanding)

It says planning, which means this surgery for trans women most likely hasn’t happened yet, though it does mention one being passed from one natal woman to another at the start without any information.

For transwomen, I wonder how organ size and the actual space in the hips to have one factors into suitability

Are organs generally gender specific?

ie can a man have a woman’s liver?

Males tend to have higher Graft versus Host Disease reactions to stem cell transplants from females than from other males, even when the female or the male donor are both matched sibling donors.

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Yes, but female donated organs often have higher rejection reactions from the person having those organs transplanted into them.

Although this phenomenon varies in effect depending on the type of organ.

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Would that be true of female to female transplant also?

I appreciate that my initial post must appear somewhat immature but without going into too much detail and derailing this thread given the people close to me that have transitioned and there quality of life post surgery compared to pre surgery as they describe it to me, I am aghast at the extent to which surgical therapeutics are pursued by many almost as a preference to any research in a none surgical alternative.

Yes, although generally to a lesser extent than female to male, depending on the organ type.

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When they engineer a human compatible pig uterus, imagine how many kids the recipient could have each pregnancy

That’s another factor to consider.

When we’re talking surgery, my understanding is that there are less transwomen getting bottom surgery than one would think compared to a few decades ago, but then again, requirements for diagnosis in the 70’s and 80’s made it almost required to express desire for bottom surgery to get that in the first place before accessing hormones, which lines up with the experiences of several older trans women I know. I personally wouldn’t simply because of the aftercare and, without derailing, other things cause dysphoria for me that do not warrant that procedure.

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