Surgeon attempting uterus transplant in trans woman

All the data I have seen looks to be trending upwards over the past 15/20yrs and the expectations are increasing .

Given the amount of money made from these surgery’s it is understandable .

I wonder if the research into that surgery is to help provide a cure for something or to exploit a group of people financially .

If Pfizer had an option of a vaccine that needed only one jab every 10yrs and the one we have that requires an indefinite amount of jabs then which one would the sell us? Who would make this decision ? Would it be doctors and scientists trying to make cures or Executives responsible for providing dividends to shareholders?

Of course we hope for these things are all managed honourably but alas we know humans are also imperfect and I don’t look upon this surgery as something that could help the trans women I know feel less suicidal or come off anti depressants or become employable again .

One of them had her dream job in a museum and is now in their own words unemployable and a manic depressive , we’re is the research in helping her be sue she was not like that pre surgery and has deteriorated rapidly since . She doesn’t say it’s because of the surgery and who knows maybe it’s not but we will never know whilst the investment is going into this kind of thing .

Ok but I’m not sure why you want your doctor to have bigger junk.

Ah, well. Such is the variety of life.

Your personal speculations aside, are we comparing a surgical prodecure to an vaccine with multiple doses?

In my country, bottom surgery is one of the only things our health service covers for trans people, though barriers encourage privatisation.

From what I’ve read of a study back in 2019, we aren’t even talking 50% of trans women as a demographic here getting bottom surgery.

You seem to have slant with the focus on negativity of outcomes towards trans people in general, given our discussions on the topic. I know you say you know some trans women but I can’t help but feel there’s a bias towards your own immediate experiences here.

Oh no, Im stuck on this medical bed! What are you doing, step surgeon?

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An entire psychology racket has been created around the idea of trans people, and that the trans population needs quasi perpetual counseling, as well as perpetual psychiatric medications in many cases, etc.

And Psychologists coining the social construct of trans people within Psychology research, have created academic research streams that are easy to get published in “top” Psychology and gender studies journals to get academic tenure credit etc at universities, compared to many other streams of research.

And this is noteworthy, because talk therapy does not do better than placebo after a novelty effect, for things like serious clinical depression, and surprisingly neither do anti-depressants, and neither Psychology, nor Psychiatry have come up with real and complete cures for things like schizophrenia, only partially effective mitigating therapies, that sadly in many cases, are only effective for certain periods of time, or not effective at all.

So, if you are in a snake oil discipline that has a requirement to publish pseudo-scientific research, in psuedo-scientific journals, that does leave you in a rather desperate spot.

You have to publish on something, it has to look noteworthy, even if your discipline does not do better than sugar pills, or faith healing and often worse, at treating the ailments that it was designed to treat.

Creating a social construct designation, especially one that the Psychology discipline has designated as especially vulnerable to both mental illness, and social bullying, and therefore in need of study, and lifelong mental health counseling solves those publish or perish problems, and then some.

So, the trans population, whether deliberate or not, as a phrase identified, published on, and promoted by the Psychology industry, just happens to be a serious cash cow for that business, as a model.

And, yeah, in the U.S. gender reassignment surgeries pay surgeons very well, and in the UK, even when paid for by the National healthcare, surgeons still get paid different salaries based on the complexity of the procedures associated with the speciality.

And without the argument that the trans person might kill themselves if they are not allowed to have it, how often would a cosmetic surgeon on the national UK plan get to do a surgery as interesting as making as a cosmetic penis or a cosmetic vagina surgery?

Because one thing that U.S. and UK surgeons, and surgery centers, have in common, whether they are back surgeons, brain surgeons, or cosmetic surgeons, is they seem to find reasons to do surgeries, and enjoy doing surgeries.

Especially surgical procedures that either reimburse better, or justify better salary bases, as surgeons tend to be competitive by nature, and that includes being competitive with money, too.

And unlike the Psychology snake oil, or the Psychiatric pill of questionable impact, a surgical treatment is not snake oil, or magic Jesus water.

If somebody has their junk cut off, whether or not the surgeon puts prosthetics in, that is a whole different level of real, compared to asking someone if they have ever had suicidal ideations, or how they are feeling, or the short half life, and questionable efficacy of having them take a prozac.

The question of suicidal ideations relates to fantasy, and self-reported measures are often lies, anyway, in both directions.

The psych pills wear off quickly, and often are the chemical equivalent of throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

But, cutting off parts, is permanent, not truly reversible, and unlike the psych crap, makes a real world change, of a sort.

How does it rate against a control group of no treatment?

In medical studies, the control group is the one that receives the placebo, or sham treatment, or no treatment at all.
But more often than not, the control group in medical studies, receives a placebo.

Placebos are proven to be effective in many treatments

An outcome as good as a placebo does not mean ineffective, especially in the treatment of the mind

If talking therapy was no more effective than no treatment that would be more damming IMHO

I agree that placebos, even when patients know they are placebos, can be effective Headology tools.

In fact, I think an important part of Headology, whether one’s own, or helping other people get their heads tuned up, is finding the placebos that work for that person.

However, it is also important to note, that this puts talk therapy by Psychologists as no more or less legitimate than a Witch Doctor waving bones over the subject, or Astrology, drawing, or music, or whatever placebo resonates with the subject.

And really also has implications that obtaining licensure as a Headology therapist should be open to those with or without much Psychology training, and equally open to anyone who gets trained in the legal, ethical, and reasonable professional rules of engagement of being a Headology therapist.

Acting like Psychology as a discipline is a more reliable framework, when in fact, it is just another of many subjective, unreliable frameworks, when it comes to the study or treatment of the mind, is inappropriate, and arbitrary.

Also, interestingly, there is a fair amount of literature, that antidepressants don’t work better than placebo, in the medium and long term.

We are comparing motives behind suggested treatments in general.

Your instincts are correct, you are detecting my bias created around the negative effects that two people in particular that are close to me have suffered after bottom surgery comparative to my expectations of them finally being able to live a healthy fruitful and content life .
49% of anything is allot.

I accept that had I received a more balanced exposure to those with more positive outcomes (thats where you come in) then I would not feel as I do on the subject but I have not and the more I look into it (although not too deeply of late I confess) the more I find that it seams the medical industry is bias towards surgery on and a significant amount vulnerable people are being steered in a direction that they will not benefit from in the manner in which they expect.

But all those that came before the surgery will be paid in full with zero accountability if their procedure resulted in suicide.

Just another unavoidable statistic caused by oppression and the lack of acceptance in society nothing to see here.

For me the value of talk therapy with a pro rather than a friend or family member is the non judgmental atmosphere it creates, and provides a professional set of standards around best practice, confidentially etc

But I take your point about witch doctors and the like

The value of a paid listener, be it a psychologist, priest, or hooker, is that one does not have to bore one’s friends, and family, with one’s burdens.
Better to pay someone to listen to that crap, or talk to one’s dog.

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My dog’s sick of my whining

I have saved a lot of money over the years confiding in my dogs.

Perhaps to my detriment.

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