Surfing the Discourse Cesspool — The Worst Fringe Takes on Social Media

Ok let me dial this back a notch, because it’s possible my point here is being missed: it’s one thing to joke about stupid shit, and indeed this entire thread is about doing that.

But even vaguely, indirectly, or accidentally providing cover for people like JP Sears who spreads fear, uncertainty, and doubt about evidence-based medical science in order to shill his content and products to an audience of people who are clearly vulnerable to such things, is beyond the pale. This is the kind of person we’ve always gone after.

I don’t give a shit what your politics are, but when your biases short-circuit your critical thinking to the point you’re giving a pass to people because some of what they say you agree with, you’re going to get called on it.

If you don’t know who this guy is, or what his game is, just ask. On the other hand, if you think exploiting people’s gullibility, biases, and ignorance to make a profit is “smart business” you’re on the wrong fucking site.

I can’t be any clearer than that.

Look, there is an entire industry of people who market what is essentially faith healing that does not do better than placebo as if it was related to actual medical treatments.
Which is outrageous, and utter bullshit.
And, worse, there are people who actually sell vulnerable people on taking pills, that for 85% of the people that take them, do not do better than placebo.
And in some cases, those pills may cause real medical harm.
That is outrageous and utter bullshit.
What is worse, they try and pass of the shit they publish in peer reviewed journals as science, when it is clearly bullshit, and even in their “top” “research” journals, fails to replicate 2/3 of the time, when replication attempts are.
So, I don’t who this JP Sears guy is, but if he is pulling the crap the psychology industry does over the gullible public, which is just a rebranding of old time religion horseshit,
and trying to claim it is “science” or has any similarity to real medical treatments,
Then @Phrost probably has a point.

OK, I’ll “dial it back” too.

There are way, way, more awful, horrible things going on than JP, in this country, and it’s getting to the point that “critical thinking” is just a small blip on the screen.

Because the folks/groups that are instigating those awful things, are:
1.) Very Organized
2.) Highly Intelligent
3.) Relatively well financed
4.) Very capable of critical thinking applied to their vision, values, goals and objectives.
5.) Believe they are basically guaranteed success as long as they put in the work.
6.) Are grifters.

JP is a grifter, yeah, and if you are even remotely suggesting I think anything he does is admirable in his grift (outside of being funny at times), think again. Critically, maybe, even.

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Please don’t pick on @BrevardFighter

He is also sensitive

There are always worse problems to discuss. This forum, this organization focuses on people like JP.

I’m not sure how you are confused about this, but I can break out the construction paper, paste, and macaroni to make you a picture if that’ll help.

No, you can save those for the Bullshido BOD meetings.

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You rang, motherfucker?

This punk Andrew Tate couldn’t get laid in a morgue, so he reinvents himself online as a lady killer, while literally being a predating rapist who caps vulnerable girls for sex crimes.

“Do I miss women? How do you miss an object that you own? You may as well ask if I miss my toaster, my expensive car collection, or my private home where I can sleep on something other than a thin mattress laid on cold concrete. Obviously, the answer is no”

You’re confusing the US and Britain with Romania. Andrew Tate isn’t Romanian, by the way. He has no peers there. Just a pizza box and a jail cell, and apparently access to Twitter.

What you probably don’t know is that criminals have a habit of fleeing to Eastern Europe to evade prosection and death.

Only this time this cunt got the smack down by INTERPOL, of which Romania is a founding fucking member.

See: Steven Seagal. Wanted so bad by Gambino’s, he had to suck Putin’s dick.

See, various ideologue traitors, sucking Russian weenies.

See, the Third Reich. Seriously, watch the Nuremberg trials. They knew better than to run to Stalin. The smart ones ran to America.

Have you never seen Marathon Man?

Nowwhere to run to baby.

Keep this energy when you’re in the FEMA camp.

Ah, FUD.
You can’t put it into your coffee.
But for some, it is a laxative anyway.

Not FUD, just banter.

I’m not confusing anything with anything. Love how you make a shitty premise and run with it.

Try to keep up.

Ah, look, you are jealous!

You seem to be of the equation that Nazis are gone?

Homeboy, they rule your whole fucking state.

And the future of your entire genetic worth. Your father’s and mother and their fathers and mothers.

And we are going to rise up! In two more weeks!

@BKR is a transplant from Texas Wrabbit.

No, they do not.

But you keep on making shit up instead of being yourself and contributing positively.

That’s a jackalope.

I know that. They grow in Texas too.

That’s nothing.

Until that is, you have seen a gatorlope.