Study, anxiety reduced by exercise

Link to a study that indicates even a moderate amount of exercise helps reduce anxiety in individuals.

So get out there and do work ya filthy animals.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again

Pedal powered TV’s

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I try to tell so many people this that are suffering but they just do not listen.

I wish the government made our doctors prescribe it as part of the treatment of anxiety instead of pumping people full of drugs that make them dependant and then worse over time.

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Well, let’s FORCE people to exercise then!

Forced Exercise Camps! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Think of the greater good of humanity!

Maybe government run camps for the mentally I’ll and obese ?
You can leave when you are thin or happy depending on your sentence .

I think I’m on to something here .

You should volunteer?

You mean like drug addicts and alchies check into rehab ?

no, involuntary, man. Get healthy or lose privileges.

Treadmills were apparently invented for use on prisoners as punishment; feel free to fact check that.

Well, if we are no longer allowed to employ humour to shame them into compliance, what other option is there?

When I was in the throws of severe depression and anxiety, i made a point that as soon as I had the kick of feel goods from my medication I would use the fact I was a student living next door to the student gym (free for me at the time of study) to make sure I trained something every day: upper, lower, cardio, yoga, swimming, whatever. Something. Anything. It is probably part of why I even made it through uni in the first place.

Of course it was only when I was diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria that how I felt made sense and I made a point to not get super buff or bulk deliberately, but even now i exercise. People do not want to hear that medication is only part of it and theres a few studies I read back in the day that indicate exercise and diet plus medication is indicated towards better rates of depression recovery and reduced relapse.

We should be encouraging people to exercise more and give them the tools to do that because if gym fail videos indicate anything on top of my job, people have no idea how to get the most out of exercise.


Nothing you would understand, apparently.

Right, totally applies if true…

You’re so mysterious

considering how some would-be ‘fat camps’ work, that’s not too out of the question with how the world could end up going at this rate. Wouldn’t shock me if it did

shaming people into changing something is seldom a good short term plan, and even less effective as a long term one for improvement.

I was being sarcastic

Though IMO, it will be a sad day when we can no longer take the piss out of gingers

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Yeah, glad you get that…

But not only shame is involved.

Forced labor camps come to mind.