QAnon is Coming for Your Kids

Here we go.

QAnon nutjob, 2020 election denier, and actual religious fascist in a dead heat to take over the North Carolina public school system.

It’s always funny, to see how many people supporting candidates like this put on their best Chan Warface in an attempt to intimidate people on social media.

Because you know, some people get a little salty when you point out executing innocent people is wrong.

Home schools her kids, believes public schools are “indoctrination centers” and in abolishing the entire state Board of Education, which is a Darth Sidious-level attempt to create an autocratic education department under her rule, anawerable only to the state GOP.

Also believe Jim Carrey is drinking adrenochrome from the blood of child sex slaves.

Local media coverage.

How batshit crazy do you have to be to actually lose an election in the US?

Who was it who said for years here how QAnon wasn’t that big a deal? My threat intelligence says otherwise.

Personal plug: My article/study on digital war cults should be out by the summer. This gal is going to be a highlight.

The only reason people like her are getting traction is because people are sick of this transgender nonsense getting promoted in the public school system. I read the two articles and I agree the things she’s saying are batshit insane but I’m just telling you why she’s gaining power.

Well it’s all connected to things like banning/burning books and all the typical Nazi tactics these people use, like claiming demonic blood infestation etc.

She’s long been an anti LGBTQ+ crusader, Heil Jesus. And she was at the Capitol on J6.

But getting back to Bill Gates…death??

I’ve always been a Unix guy myself but I don’t think he’s a mind control Baron who used COVID to herd the population of the New World Order.

Fun fact, I just got done planning a huge family vacation in Corolla, NC. 15 people, 5 figures+. Late July.

This is an old haunt of mine. Lots of great and painful memories. I’ve seen that town destroyed and rebuilt. Me and Mrs. Rabbit on a Cape Hatteras rope hammock, freshly married, the summer before the Twin Towers fell.

Duck. Lordamercy. Kittyhawk.

Thank God my kids are indoctrinated by the New Jersey public school system. Then I don’t have to worry so much about their exposure to Neo Nazi fugazi psycho people to the extreme south of the Pine Barrens like Michelle Morrow.

I’d hardly call recognizing the dignity of a minority ‘promoting’ ‘nonsense’ but that’s coming from someone in that group has been actively discriminated against, but I guess when you’re not that crowd it’s easy to say that.

And this shit’s been going on before we became the popular punchbag of modern discourse

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Every ideology comes for kids.
Some more open about it than others.

True, but few are more powerful and deadly throughout history than Christian zealotry.

Remember Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom Parker just ruled that embryos are human beings, potentially outlawing IVF? He made the news by invoking Yahweh in an actual legal decision

“human life cannot be wrongfully destroyed without incurring the wrath of a holy God.”

Because it turns out he too is a QAnon nutjob, who believes in the so-called “Seven Mountain Mandate”, and if you’re a rational, reasonable critical thinking American, you should be like “wait, what”?

These people need to be stopped. They literally want the New Testament to be the law of the land, and are closer than ever to getting it, because they have sway over millions of digitally brainwashed peons.

I’ve personally seen nothing like it since Heinrich Himmler’s death cult, and we know where that went.

Closer than ever is still not very close at all .

That depends on how you measure “close”.

The vast network of people consuming this “my kids has teh lizard overlord DNAs!??” Crap has created what might be the largest cult influenced voting block in American history.

Imagine if all the Kennedy assassination nuts organized and were suddenly able to whip 10s of millions of votes. Oh and they all believe vaccinations are a deep state plot to control your mind. Climate change is fake. Birds are fake.

Several local school boards near me now have a very active and vocal presence and a lot of it is geared towards more religion (theirs) in schools.

But let’s get back to Bill, Melinda, and Melissa Morrow. She said Bill Gates should be put to death. And she’s about to possibly control the future of North Carolina education.

Death to the vaccine mongers, Bill and Melinda. Huh.

We have Michelle Morrow on record making QAnon “storm” revelations.

I went to see David Ickes “show” a few months back .

If you had seen the audience as I did you might not feel so threatened .

They were not winners .

Was a “secret” presentation so secret that you could buy tickets through his website :joy:

At that stage you were only given the area it would be and had to wait until 1hr before the show to receive a text message with the address of the show.

It was a council(government) owned Leisure centre :joy:

The people their including my sister who I got the tickets for where lapping all that bullshit up .

At the half time break we went outside so my sister could smoke .

We chatted to other smokers and the conversation was basically how much lizard blood did Princess Diana have or half lizard full lizard quarter lizard or no lizard at all and the same for Meghan Markle .

Adults grown adults some in their 50s coming out with this crap it was absolutely hilarious .

They are only a threat to themselves .

Sounds like you want to say something without being direct, but my point still stands

and ‘think of the women and children’ scaremongering has been used as a battering ram against everything from black rights to protecting the poor helpless straight women from the lesbians… the same lesbians transphobes now claim they want to protect from the ‘predatory men’ they conflate with people like myself who are just trying to live our lives.

Disingenuous ‘valid concern’ is how intellectual bigots dress up their bigotry to spread fear among less critical minds.

Men can and do get into women’s bathrooms already, and nobody waits on multiyear long health programs that are notoriously underfunded, strict and difficult to get care on to assault someone or ‘cheat’ in sports, that a load of bollocks

I mean, they have to recruit the impressionable minds somehow right?

What is it that you think I am trying to say without being direct ?

For the record, I would die for her.

Every time she shows up on Suits, I make it a habit to say her name.

Megan Markle!

I wish that were true, but as Bullshido’s dreamer, I sometimes feel outnumbered, if not outclassed.

And then I wake up and find out psychotic people are taking over.

Supreme Court Chief Justice of Alabama, dude. He believe the gays are due for a Biblical reckoning. All that ass play.

Michelle Morris is like his Darth Vader. And I agree it’s a weak front, but she just beat the Republican incumbent and is leading her Democrat opponent, today.

Megan Markle? Innocent.

Her only crime is naivety other than that she simply does what one would expect US celebs to do in her situation.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t have any counter measures at all.

We have them and we have you .
Equilibrium .

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Morrow’s campaign response to CNN’s expose is a textbook illustration of gaslighting. Here are the signalling words.

"“People are tired of the dysfunctional media trying to create ‘gotcha moments’ out of old comments taken out of context, made in jest, or never made in the first place. I’ve pointed out that North Carolina has 800 failing schools and no plan for fixing them. I’m talking about the millions of dollars misappropriated and squandered that should be put into classrooms. These issues matter more to voters than overdramatized gotcha moments ginned up by the media.”

There have been a couple of ex Bullshido posters who use the same signalling. “Gotcha” and “ginned up” any time you called out their racism, homophobic remarks, or white supremacist leanings. Because you’re the crazy, not them…

Remember, this same person also believe the 2020 election was falsified, that Q from 4Chan is a real government agent with Q clearance, that Donald Trump is a virtual messiah, and that Jim Carrey fucks kids and drinks their blood.

Doesn’t send her own kids to public school, indoctrinates them at home, but still feels the need to dominate the educatuon of millions of kids.

Does anybody really believe the argument that giving the people more publicity helps their case? This is not some fringe candidate, she is poised to take over the entire K-12 school system in a US state.