QAnon is Coming for Your Kids

I was going to go off on you. But you’re British so you don’t understand the u.s. public school system. In the united states parents and teachers are sick of boys going into girls bathrooms and locker rooms. This 6 foot tall biological male went into a female bathroom at a high school and these two girls told him he shouldn’t be in there. He beat the shit out of them and was expelled. He identified as a transgender female of course. People are also sick of boys competing against girls in high school sports just because they identify as transgender. This one boy played against this girl basketball team and he injured so many players that the opposing team forfeited the game.

The word transphobic is meaningless. When people say biological men shouldn’t compete against women you’re called transphobic. When you say children shouldn’t take hormones or get surgeries like mastectomies or hysterectomies you’re considered transphobic. When women say they feel uncomfortable using bathrooms or locker rooms with biological men they’re considered transphobic.

Referring to your last comment. Most transgenders don’t get or plan to get whatever that surgery is called when they remove your penis and give you a fake vagina.

Yeah, people keep telling me “Nazi” is meaningless, but I’m tracking money trails right now between guys who praise Hitler and the people also saying "transphobic is meaningless’.

Feel free to target an individual with opinions; targeting groups is called discrimination.

And be careful about speaking for all parents. Most parents don’t give shit about this nothing burger of an issue.

Christ, boys have been sperming inside girls unwanted for 10,000+ years. Do you really think common bathrooms is a real threat?

I’ll tell you what is. The Nazification of America. It starts with identifying “deviancy”.

The worst part is coming this year.

Never forget that at its core, QAnon is a Christian white nationalist supremacy movement.

And it’s becoming the leading underplank of the 2024 federal GOP campaign strategy.

That one ginger dude who sang that sawng last year is going to get used in the same way he was sad about during and after.

They’re gonna eat it up and try to burn the White House this time. Good thing you can’t even get close to it now.

I had to have a talk with my youngest about the Gadsen flag on Monday.

Not the bullshit online conspiracy one, or the Metallica version (which is awesome). The one where his greatest grand-cousin drew a map of the early Colonies as a cut up rattlesnake, and how it eventually got people killed for Trump.

How better for a king to conquer?

Michelle Morrow is the Qanon shock trooper.

And then these two dickbags enter the breach, with bags of gold, selling forks and school “vouchers”.

" Raleigh developer John Kane and businessman Bob Luddy are hosting a fundraiser for her Wednesday at Kane’s home.

Kane owns North Hills and other major developments in Raleigh; he’s donated to dozens of Republican candidates as well as some Democrats running for the Raleigh City Council, including Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin.

Luddy owns a kitchen equipment manufacturer and is the founder of the Thales Academy private schools.

In writing about the Thales Academy, Luddy wrote that “it is virtually impossible to change the K-12 status quo in public schools,” because a “highly-entrenched educational bureaucracy prevents any type of positive change. Sometimes ‘Exit,’ a disruptive organizational approach that involves exiting the current system and creating a new one, is the best solution instead of trying to reform the current model." The school accepts the recently expanded “Opportunity Scholarship” private school vouchers to pay for tuition.”

What a lefty loon.