Pulling out of Afghanistan,

This is patfromlogan. l have no clue about signing in on the new thing, hopefully this is whrre to post? but l am pasting a post from my son (and he never told us about bullies, though we were brought in when he violated his non-violence don’t hit back beliefs when he [a ma] Seoi-naged some bully and got detention).
Henry Chung Easterling
"My son is 11 years old. When the US invaded Afganistan, I was 12.

If 9/11 was a fulcrum, the occupations of Afganistan and Iraq were the defining political realities of my late childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood. Being anti-war was written on my T-shirts and tattooed into my body, the glue that held together my family and perhaps the one universal commonality amongst my friends.

In my small town, peace rallies and anti-war marches were met with studied indifference or open hostility, with driver-bys hurling epithets and garbage. At school I was often taunted, occasionally chased down and beaten. Patches torn off my backpack and sneakers stomped into my back by groups of snarling white boys chanting “USA” and “go back to China.”

At 14 I had nothing but contempt those kids. I saw the army recruiters lining the halls of our high school, trading candy and T-shirts for push ups and contact info, the Navy commercials with Marines fighting video game demons, the rising number of dead troops, the horrors and massacres inflicted on civilians, and thought anyone who could support that was a fucking idiot.

Later, my friends, my old old friends from kindergarten and playgrounds, started coming back from war. Missing limbs, or drinking hard, but mostly just turning around and being sent back in. Now, I realize that for every soldier I knew, my hallway assailants knew ten. Their brothers, their cousins, their parents. We were children, and they were victims too, of a system that demanded both human sacrifice and cheering adulation from the crowd.

It’s good this war is ending. It was not won, and will not end well. Our soldiers, for the most part, killed and died for nothing. The taliban outlasted us, ISIS was born from the insurgency, a generation was raised under foreign military occupation, and we leave behind leave a mess of shattered economies, authoritarian governments, and religious violence.

I’d like to end this on a message of hope. But honestly, I think that would be a disservice to the hundreds of thousands who died. So I’ll end it like I started it, with furtive glances in an empty middle school hallway, a sharpie pulled from my pocket and big sloppy letters written on the wall: Fuck war."


Pulling out after 18 years only means we were too self involved for proper prophylaxis to go with our all night bone session.

It won’t be long until Russia and their Middle Eastern coalition of fuckwit like Bashir Al Assad and the Ayatollah are setting up yet another weaponized proxy state in Afghanistan.

The iron curtain 2.0 now with Jihadi action suicide bomber grip.

I’m glad NATO and the US are pulling out. This should have happened years ago, well over a decade ago. It been a massive waste of blood and treasure and I doubt anyone western or developed country at all will step foot in it again.

Maybe the Polit Bureau can merge these two threads?

Its was pretty much vengeance

The given strategic aims were not achieved (Bin Laden was captured/killed in Pakistan, the area is still, largely, a safe haven for terrorists )

It has also acted as a recruitment and training opportunity for radicals

Graveyard of Empires is not a nickname handed out lightly

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Welcome back, Pat!



Prima Posta


You can always tell war to fuck off, but it will never, ever care.

Forget those Pashtun mountain men, they’re yesterday’s news.

There’s a holy war brewin’. Q said so, after all.

Wait, holy crap Pat I thought you went to the big volcano in the sky or something.

This looks like how the thing is going to settle back after USA withdraws.

No green zones anymore.


Spain used to have the HELISAF, and a campaign hospital in Afghanistan.

Here, practice your European Spanish a bit.

I wonder how hospitals look around there.

Let it be Russia’s quagmire instead of our quagmire.

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Well hopefully the US have learned enough from Vietnam , Korea and Afghanistan that they will win against Iran next year.

But im not going to hold my breath.

I’m still waiting for the punchline.

People learn but nations forget.

US ship fires 30 warning shots after Iranian vessels approach fleet


Its coming

US escorting a nuclear submarine through the strait of Hormuz .

Would the US let an Iranian anything sail passed Miami to the Gulf of Mexico?

It’s all the same muck, Russia’s “Quagmire” is your front, back yard, right down to every last periapt.

No, it’s not.

I’m no expert, but 30 “warning shots” sounds like poor marksmanship to me

They were probably making repeated approaches.

At a little over 2 rounds per vessel, I guarantee the marksmanship was exactly where it should be. Believe it or not, it’s a lot harder to not hit something on purpose; if any of those rounds struck home, this would be a whole different story.

Sure, as long as they stay in international waters. And the US Navy would behave safely and professionally even if they escorted them.

The Strait of Florida is like, 90 miles wide, dude…