Psychiatry is blatantly fake

It seems a lot more like an attempt at social control and unconstitutionally jailing people. The fact that they cant locate or detect injury or disease is the first clue. The second is that the majority of the treatments are tranquilizers. Real psych is called neurology. Its scientifically based, has identifiable mechanisms of action and they dont tend to murder their patients.

There does exist forenisc psychiatry, which is different. They’re still fascists, but they can be assed to do investigations to find out whos telling the truth. If they like you. They spend hours in the initial evaluation, and then go into the community to find out whats going on.

It should also be noted that the relationship between psych and the legal system is highly illegal and prejudicial. Imagine
almost getting beaten up on camera, by a crazy person who sees zombies and then having your lawyer try to lock YOU up via psych. They still get their win that way, you go to jail, but they claim the jail is a hospital.

Psychiatry is the reigning champ for the most pseudo-science branches of medicine.

It’s like faith healing, except, these faith healers also have access to laboratory grade pharmaceuticals, and a prescription pad to throw prescriptions, like darts like a drunk monkey, at a dartboard.

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Then there is psychology.

But, psychologists do not practice in a medical field.
That is a “mental health” field.
Psychiatry is considered both a medical and a “mental health” field, and has prescription powers, and broader powers.
One would hope that with a medical school education, they would be less wack-a-doodle, than psychologists, but as it turns out,
they are often just as wack-a-doodle,
but with the additional powers to pump people full of drugs,
or order electroshock therapies,
or order and perform brain surgeries on housewives,
depressed because their husbands were cheating on them,
for those housewives to get lobotomized,
to make those housewives more manageable.
That is their recent history, and track record.
And the only advances in the field, have been a decrease in lobotomies, due to lithium, and increased awareness of what lobotomies actually are, and that Psychiatrists should not be trusted with things like that.
Not that they don’t still try and pull that crap, when nobody objects on behalf of vulnerable people that end up in their power.

Am aware of that, LOL.

I know you are.

LOL, well, is this where I demand a link to prove what you say is true?

They don’t claim to be doctors though. Psychiatrists are doctors in their knowledge of drug dosages, but other than that, its not medicine or even science. And I think the drugs are mostly tranquilizers. Its malicious. I know how to make drugs including antidepressants. I know when someone is selling BS dope. Their shit is some of the most depressing drugs I’ve ever had, or it does nothing at all. Then they cause mad side effects. Its like thanks doc. You gave an athlete drugs to make him slow and a hundred lbs heavier. This’ll boost my spirits.

Its more like rogue law enforcement with a creepy deceptive element.

Those who do not study history, are doomed to repeat it.

And if I could get a link, by acting silly,

I would be eating sausage right now.

Dude, they claim to be medical doctors, because, they are. They go to medical school.

graduate from med school, and you get an MD behind your name.

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Oh, its true. The things they do in modern times are horrific too. They literally have concentration camps. They won’t starve you or work you though. Not in the states. In some countries they’ve done holocaust style camps. Here you basically play DND, read, play sports and eat all day while they find clever ways to torture you later, physically and mentally. Sleep deprivation, forced druggings, sexual humiliation, beatings and stragulation are all common.

WTF are you writing about?

THEY TORTURE AND MURDER THEIR PATIENTS IN SECRET PRISONS. Swear to god. And yes, I have articles and proof.

Post your links, then!

We basically had to fight for our lives across multiple facilities to cause enough damage for them to reconsider their behavior. They treated us worse than animals.

The aftermath was even MORE horrific. Some survivors came out with their minds intact. Others weren’t so luck. This is when the real killers started emerging. Evergreen Monster. Carrot Man. Real murderers. So we were hunting psycho killers across several states.

Dude, its BAD in there. If you give me a choice between psych and jail, I’ll head to jail in a heart beat. Shit food? Gangs? 23 hour lockdown with clanging doors interrupting your sleep? All day. All day. Psych is a horrific, deadly mess of a system.

Oh, that stuff.

Yeah, the incident with the tortures and murders, where they fucked up so bad that they created straight up super villains.

That is just bizarre and disturbing behavior.

There are plenty of psychologists and psychiatrists out there who do not torture people, though.

Psychiatrists are generally reported as the worst offenders for physicians committing boundary violations.

Inappropriate sexual relations with their patients being one of most common ones.

Psychologists, with therapist roles, also have had persistent problems, with that.

Psychologists generally don’t. I have never heard that complaint about them ever. With psychiatrists its basically their religion. These people believe in imaginary diseases that only they can detect via a five minute conversation, no medical diagnostics needed, which they can use to predict future crimes.

Imagine getting locked up for a crime that hasnt happened except as a figment of someone elses imagination, which they havent even told you about. Its fucking literally psychotic. If I have a mental disorder of some sort, send me to a neurologist. These people are FRAUDS.