Portland State University Professor Resigns

So, this isn’t BS, but I put it here in hope of some serious discussion. Or at least read the thing and think about it.

I applaud his stones

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Agreed - I admire and respect him stepping up and doing the right thing.

Doing the right thing takes a TON of courage and raw determination now .Truly sad times, when doing what is right is becoming increasingly costly and damaging to a person.

Outside of the accusations of hivemind academia, this poor chap has to deal with living in Portland where there seems to be an abundance of lunatics just itching to harass and attack people (entire families) for being related to “Fascists”

Its hard to digest that his is really going on in the US…and its happening all over academia in the West.

The scariest part to me are the number of educators who don’t step up and challenge this kind of thing.

It takes guts to walk away from a job, one’s income, for principle

I don’t have a problem with the politics per se

Colleges are businesses that compete for customers in a crowded market place

They seem to be aiming their marketing at a certain type of teenager

Much like the Beatles

And anyone that has worked in retail will know the customer is always right

The cynic in me says maybe he’s gambling on a Conservative TV pundit / author

I don’t think he’s conservative, from reading the piece.

Yes but this is not just a business. Correct me if I’m wrong, but its not a private school is it?

If Portland State were 100% private University and doesn’t accept government (state and/or Federal) money then they can do what they want, fire who they want and teach what they want.

Of course they’d also need to own that label of being responsible for destroying freedom of speech and ideas.

As he is using the term “Liberalism” I assumed. …


I don’t know the figures so I couldn’t say how much they are dependent on fees

Any lowering of achedemic standards will also affect their bottom line

So if they go to far down the Woke cul-de-sac it might backfire


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Portland must fall.

Well, that didn’t work.

Fox news has an interview with the professor. It’s decently done.


Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

Please delete this shitpost from this serious discussion.

He used the term correctly and not as a matter of political ideology.

Public Universities should foster critical thinking, because people with those skills foster a more equitable and just society. Verdant to better future possibilities. Imo.

This is also his side of the story. I don’t know what the truth of this matter is. But it was a well written letter.

I agree

I would argue, long term, the results and reputation of an institution that does not foster critical thinking will reduce that institutions ability to get funding for research and thus negatively affect their future

Let the free market decide as we are all such good capitalists

It’s a public university.

We like our echo chambers. We build them on social media. They also get built in Academia. I actually witnessed a flip from a liberal to conservative echo chamber at a University. It was rather astounding to see even tenured professors suddenly being cut loose or forced out.

I think in a closed system like a university or FB page, it is easier to build an echo chamber than it is to maintain the balance necessary for critical thinking.


What do you mean?

I think we should invade it to destroy the Antifa base.

I think antifa is a symptom. Portland people are weirdly fanatical about a lot of things. I have noticed a similar and even greater propensity to lose touch with reality in my part of the Pacific Northwest.

I have no idea what it is but Jesus. If it is some kind of poisonous substance, I hope I haven’t consumed enough of it to be similarly ruined. Could be the lack of sunlight for lengthy periods. My energy level craters around here every winter which is why I plan to be gone ASAP.