People claiming Trans Ethnic / Trans Race / Ethnic Status by Purely by Self-Identification

Thread to collect stories of people claiming other ethnic backgrounds by self-identification, but not by genetics, nor adoption, not upbringing, nor citizenry nor residency status etc.

Gonzo claims Cretan ethnic identity

She’s just playing on the field presented to her. As are all of the Huwyte Liberal Strivers. In hindsight, Rachel Dolzezol was just ahead of the game.

We here in Oklahoma have our own Elisabeth Warren.

That was certainly a funny episode in the funniest eight years in US politics. I almost put her down as the OG, but she didn’t even bother getting a tan.

Here we go. Ahn Do. Who was nominated Australian of the year. But is a refugee from Vietnam.

I wonder if there are any white Australians who pretended to be aborigine for personal career gain.

If he is an Australian citizen, that is not claiming a status by purely self-identification.

Civic Nationalism is a very liberal and Liberal idea. It allows for the conflation of political identity and ethnicity when convenient. Before someone jumps in and says Nationalism can’t be Liberal, Civic Nationalist Conservatives and Libertarians are liberals and come from a liberal tradition. And Civic Nationalism without the label is big for Liberals because it allows them to undermine voting blocs they don’t like.

So in this case, Greg gets to conflate Civic National identity with ethnicity to try and make the premise of the thread seem unhinged. When any reasonable person can see that a Vietnamese Immigrant being called “Australian of the Year” is not the same as an AWFL changing her ethnic presentation for personal gain.

Russell Crow.

American tourists.

Yes, Liberals don’t want to be associated with heritage Americans. They all want to be WASPs with transatlantic accents like that nerd Nathan J. Robinson and they don’t want to be associated with the Scots-Irish, Cavaliers, and Germanics so it was all the rage back then to pretend you weren’t American. Now the fashion for Liberals is to claim actually you are more American and a bigger Patriot than Ya’ll Qaeda and all the dirty non-cosmopolitan rural and suburban dwelling chuds.

Oh, its happening. A lot of my white supremacist crew is black, but they identify as white men.

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That you Clayton Bigsby?

Basically, yeah. I’ve seen the alternative. Its horrific. One of the things that Vinny mentioned was that the evil he wrought happened in his country all the time. There are millions of those parasites ready to come here and feed on us and if we dont band together, as nationalists, any one of us can be destroyed. Whole families wiped out by ethnic parasites. Thats why its so critical that white supremacy has opened up, and its critical that as men of other races, that we embrace it and claim our legacy. Only together can we reclaim our country from the parasites and race traitors that infest it. Do I wish it were not so? Yes. But that is the situation we are in as a nation.


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I suppose a Britbong would find the idea of a nation that wasn’t composed of rootless, cosmopolitan Janissaries and a brown horde they import unfathomable.

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It never ceases to amaze me the amount of effort you guys put into rebranding yourselves

Lucky for me, lumpenprole that think they are going to lead the leftist revolutionary vanguard can’t help outing themselves to normies no matter how much you try and rebrand.