Olympic uniforms

There are a variety of sports and events, where singlets or bikini style uniforms or swimsuit style uniforms are worn.
I would like to submit, that as much skin as possible should always be covered, if even with rashguard leggings, and sleeves, etc, to minimize staph and other skin infection potential.
Especially on mats sports, and skin on skin sports.
So, unless, the extra material would really impair sports performance, covering as much skin as possible to reduce skin infection potential among the athletes seems a no brainer.
Obviously there is also a lot of chatter, about over-sexualization of athletes with unnecessarily revealing uniforms, and while I am also sympathetic to that, the rationale of preventing skin infection potential seems enough on its own to justify covering skin, unless it needs to not be covered.

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Seems reasonable, although I think the risk will vary between sports. Also overheating might be a concern. Ultimately I think the decision should be up to the competitors themselves, but that they should be able to choose from options designed with safety and comfort in mind first and foremost.

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There was a article on “beach handball” I read somewhere…

Upshot, Norwegian Beach Handball Team (female of course) wanted to wear shorts instead of bikini type bottoms.

I was like, well, sand in your crack is not comfy regardless of gender.

@C.Gordon As far as grappling sports go, I found form fitting rash guards in BJJ to be not very comfortable in warm/hot weather and no AC.

Of course, I’m a primitive Judoka so go figure.

Whether rashguard, or t-shirt, if Kano had access to skin infection science in his day, as we do now, I suspect that he would have the gentlemen also wear something under their gi top.
That is a speculative comment on my part, but I do suspect that would have been the case.
And Gi’s themselves, have a reputation for making one sweat in warm weather, without A.C.

Yes when’s it’s hot with no ac I would rather use rash guards than the gi.

Exactly, but they do cover you up. Especially with all the stopping and retying, LOL.

This sort of macho posturing on my part would be even worse if I had ever been able to read Nietsche…

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You should train how you are going to compete.

For cooling, I prefer an old stretched-out cotton T in the gi, for those places that require an undergarment. Rashies I believe are the conflation of BJJ culture with surfer culture.

yeah, I like a t shirt better. I had a couple of loose-fit “rash guards” that I liked as well.

The whole skin tight scene on the old Dad Bod was not comfy.

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They are great for both activities. I have had ring worm twice… It’s gross.

I had on my arm, once. Was not nearly as bad as joe’s submission.

Another issue is hygiene. I was often not impressed with mat cleanliness at BJJ places. Nor their seeming disregard for cleaning up blood.

Judo is usually really OCD about that kind of thing.

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That’s disgusting… Joe has a weird photo collection it seems.

We’re working on finding him a day job.

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For grapple fu, I am usually a long sleeved $5 or less cotton t-shirt with or without a gi top, and either gi pants, or cheap sweat pants.

I think it is ridiculous that people spend $50 to $100 on a grapple fu practice uniform, when they could for no-gi, have a perfectly functional grapple fu uniform for less than $10.

However, if I am fishing, or kayaking, or any water and sun activity, I do have quite a few fishing rashguards, a bit loose for breeze, with built in hood and face / neck gaiter.

For that matter, for water and sun activities, I also have several gloves and water socks and fishing pants made out of the same material, for UV protection, quick dry, but that allow the breeze to still cool me.

I do not mess around with the Florida sun, if I am going to be out in it, for several hours, especially in Summer.

And, I also pay careful attention to hydration, for myself, and those around me, when out in it for several hours.

Especially water and sun activities, where reflection can amplify and accelerate someone getting burned to a crisp, pretty quickly down here.