Lab Leak Livestream Tonight at 8 CST

No dingdong we’re not livestreaming a lab leak, we’re discussing whether the lab leak origin for the Coronavirus pandemic is plausible or a complete conspiracy theory. @SifuJason is going to mansplain, docsplain, and dunksplain this all at once.

Hop onto the Twitch stream and ask questions you have.

I reckon the virus was engineered in the US and released into China by the CIA

…recon… harder?

It would be an excellent twist

“The team analyzed frozen waster water samples from nine different dates between January 2018 and December 2019. All the samples came back negative for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 genetic material, except for low levels that were found in the March 12, 2019 sample.”


If the USA has had a President able to give that order…

If ever there was a correlation vs. causation scenario, the Outbreak@Wuhan situation is a doozy of one. Some researchers got sick, it happened to be at a lab, and nearwhile a big virus dropped. Mind you, clusters of people get each other sick at work all the time, every day, especially medical professionals (hence the PPE).

Sadly, here in the Post-Reality Era of cyberspace-driven illusions, COVID’s already been attributed to Bill Gates, Soros, Democrats, Antifa, etc, so good luck trying to convince any critical mass of the facts of the case, regardless of cred. Most epidemiologists will agree there was nothing surprising about COVID’s arrival…it was predicted for years (we even had a plan in place for it…oops with Bannon’s “Deconstruction of the Administrative State”).

COVID has proven modern American society rejects scientific consensus unless it is as convenient for them as McDonald’s.

It’s literally in the papers I posted. It’s the SARS reservoir. They were looking for a vaccine and/or a bioweapon.

Neat theory, zero evidence.

So it goes with aliens, Sasquatch, Hollow Earth…

conundrum is the precise Latin word.

Read the orcid

These two links may be helpful

Chinese virologist who was among first to tout Wuhan lab theory says Fauci’s emails back up what she’s been saying all along - the coronavirus is ‘an unrestricted bioweapon’ - and blasts Fauci and medical experts for cover-up

China would have destroyed Covid lab leak evidence, says ex-MI6 chief

Itself pretty obvious that China will never admit to a lab leak

Even if it could be proven, what consequences could the rest of the world impose?

Is any one going to stop buying Chinese goods to protest, or stop selling goods to China?

I doubt it

It all seems like a bit of a storm in a tea cup, or a politically expedient distraction

Dude, the US is so heated we raided our own capitol. We need to bomb them.

I deal will be done behind closed doors with the largest nations.

Too many in the west will demand war and our politicians cannot allow that so it is better to do a deal with the chines for a fuck tonne of money and let them get away with it.

That is also allot more consistent with how our politicians deal with things.

Boris Johnson = Pussy
Joe Biden = Pussy
EU = Pussies
Russia aint gonna go it alone and more than likely already done their deal with China.

Good luck with that

Right up till they all find out the new I phone XXX is due for release and a war with China will affect supply

Here’s what will happen

In 3 years every one will want to forget about covid and move on

A few zealots on both extremes of the political divide will harp on about it for a while, but it will all be back to normal

In the meantime, China will “leak” “evidence” that covid was created in a lab in some other nation and muddy the waters sufficiently to make further debate about it moot

Are you serious? Maybe you lived the zoom meeting stimmy rich corona life, but I went through hell. A lot of people went through a lot of different hells. I don’t want the new fucking chinese phone. I want new night vision.


Night vision you say…?

If the Spanish Flu Epidemic is anything to go by, that is exactly what will happen

People just put it behind them and moved on with their lives

Remarried, had more kids, mourned their dead

It’s human nature

There is little to be gained by relitigating, and reliving that kind of trauma as a society, and those that can’t move on and let go will find themselves marginalised and shunned, perhaps even institutionalised

You really think the Patriots will surrender? The enemy is a threat to all humanity.

Another Anthem (

Surrender to the inevitable?