Its a really low bar

All you have to do to stop fascism is offer a better deal than FUCKING HITLER. But what do we actually get?

  1. Grandma chopping.
  2. Based on ethnicity, one man gets the rights to another mans work, enforced by harrassment, violence and threats of violence.
  3. Gleeful laughter at the death and destruction caused.

For me and mine, how is this better than Hitler? Now, granted, Nazi atrocities did rise to the level of grandma chopping, but then that raises the question of how your platform is better than the neonazi platform. No grandma chopping, no threats of violence, no slavery. Just countrymen standing up for each other against outsiders. And they don’t care THAT much about race. Like, they’re down to let me work, earn money, have a (preferably black but not mandated) family, control my own life and live freely as long as I’m not being a menace. Shit, the local whites only crew legit let me shoot documentary footage with them in the field.

How is the grandma chopper scene somehow less racist than the neonazis? Explain. Cause thus far the Nazis are better behaved. So is the KKK. They had to die, but they took their self inflicted loss like a man.

To beat Hitler, you have to have a better platform, and thus far, the platform pushed here is just as bad, and in fact worse for myself and any family members.

In addition, the platform pushed here encourages me to recruit and train as many nazis as possible for my own safety and the safety of others who don’t wish to pay taxes to a violent and aggressive foreign power. So exponentially more nazis, when I legit just wanna go to work and be safe at work. There could be zero nazis recruited. I’d prefer zero, but you do need them for race war, which is whats being pushed.

Like, a Nazi recruiter will fucking tell you about Hitler. You guys basically SHOW me that there is no political solution. You invoke Himmler in the realest way possible. Like, you can’t figure out a solution where Carlos doesn’t own my work or reign down destruction? Cool. I like the Nazis more. They aren’t trying to reign down destruction so much.

Get your fucking platform together. Get your rhetoric together. Then you may actually offer a better platform THAN FUCKING HITLER. How shitty do you have to be? I could be raising a black son, but instead, I’m raising a black sun, because you can’t fathom blacks controlling their own money, businesses and careers. Fucking pathetic.

Then you’re gonna get on here and on facebook and brag about your racial enlightenment. Fucking lol.

Have you ever watched animal farm?

No, but I read it a bazilion years ago. Why?

We are beyond horses, sheep, pigs, and farmers now.

The whole point of that image is to label Detective Rabbit a “Glowni&&@r”.

This is crypto fascist online labeling for government informants and/or agents.

There’s a better example than Hitler?

Just a casual diss. Its unrelated to the content, but I made it and figured I’d use it. I didn’t wanna put up a giant swastika and we’re supposed to use pics. Besides, “Glow-N” is fucking funny.

I’d fuck Hitler for a chocolate bar.

Well, apparently not. Your side offers grandma chopping, poverty, public humiliation rituals for to serve massive corporations, death threats, deliberately cranking up the suicide rate in my home and just insane amounts of hate speech. I was even in a concentration camp several times. Tortured in one incident as they beat my family in front of me. So given that, and having actually heard what Hitler says to his people, its really not even close. Like, if you, Hitler and Phrost were all running for office, I’d have to vote for Hitler based on your vile agenda.

What are grandmas good for if not for fertilizer.

Exactly. And when rhetoric hits that low of a point, where the dudes that helped exterminate your family are making fertilizer jokes about family members that passed, what do I have to lose by voting Hitler? Cause at least there’s a positive side to his speeches, but I don’t see that here. I don’t see that at all.

Hitler wasn’t elected.

Read a book.

Well, is he on the ballot at least? Thats a joke. The scenario is false.

I’m saying his platform is less racist and more equitable than the platform being pushed by Bullshido leadership and how utterly fucked do you have to be where thats the case?

Depends on the GOP nominee, but it’s looking like that.

I think you should actually read Mein Kampf.

Few things are more racist than “Germans should control everything, like the Jews do now”.

Glowing Rabbit with toys dressed as Sherlock Holmes.

What did you feed the AI Beast to get that one.

How is my being owned by the Gracie family a less racist concept? Its literally slavery. Even if we put them at equally racist, Hitler and Co aren’t after me specifically. You gotta have a better platform to outcompete Hitler. Like maybe blacks can manage their own business dealings or something.

An ad for “Glow-N” (glowin’) a glow in the dark plush rabbit kids toy.

You finish your work yet, by the way? You keep walking in circles around the obvious and its really frustrating to watch. Its like watching a kids class. They’ll be doing so much BJJ and then go and hit a backflip for no reason.

And it automagically chose to make him Sherlock Holmes?

You can tell this factored in.

No, that was me after the original output. The OG is less on the nose but still funny.

You should see my actual serious work.

I actually have a whole series of you being a moron in different ways. Thats not the serious work though. I just like that AI can generate pics of abstract bullshit thats happening. Its like flavor art.