Its a really low bar

When I used to bounce it was about the brotherhood against the adversary. And that made the sacrifice felt important.

But the reality was they use that dynamic to screw us.

Eg. Animal farm.
Eg. Nazis.

Thing is, THEY don’t recruit. Its people like Phrost and Rabbit selling national socialism. Lets say I want to be a normal capitalist with no racial component. Just sell my services, based on my education and mind my business. Phrost is gonna let me? Rabbit is gonna let me? The enemy is gonna let me? No they won’t. I need to fight a race war, cause I can’t survive this crime spree without fighting back. So I need to go recruit Nationalists. I need to recruit Nationalists willing to band together against the common enemy. The choice presented is Nationalism or death. This ain’t a hard choice.

Am I wrong? They’re gonna restore my identity and freedom any day now? No, they’re not. They’re gonna sit behind their computer screens and laugh at their crimes, and in response, I’ll recruit men, train men, elect men, and do whatever I need to do to put men like Carlos on the wall. Thats reality. I mean, they could give me my rights back, but thats not gonna happen, so…

Basically, men like these don’t have a Nazi problem. They have a n***** problem so severe that the n****** side with the Nazis. Then they claim they had a Nazi problem all along. No. They just basically explained 1488 and the consequences for not moving like that and I fucking understand. When my bed is cold and no child exists, I understand 1488 and what my mistake was. I’m sure (not really, I think you were jerking off to the wrongness) there was some sorta half assed lesson about respect or intergrity intended, but all they did was explain and demonstrate very clearly what Hitler was talking about. The behavior regarding BJJ is exactly what Hitler accused the Jews of. Then he dealt with it. The solution is fairness and justice, and barring that, absolutely I’m gathering the most violently xenophobic and nationalistic men I can find, training them and deploying them, because slavery is worth hurting people over 100% of the time. I wish it wasn’t necessary, but I have tried over and over and over to use my words to explain that slavery is over and that Carlos is not in fact my owner. And everyone fucking laughed. Like one man using force to take from another is fucking funny. So social change through force is necessary, unless someone wants to activate their common sense and start shutting down the criminal activity they’ve been instigating.

Have you heard the song. There was an old lady who swallowed a fly?

Nope. I have not.

At the end of the day, I can stop fighting and go to work, or I can keep fighting until I can work. The former, people VIOLENTLY object to, so the second option is the only way, which gets me outside recruting more fighters. And thats not a choice I made. Its one or the other and I prefer the former. Barring that, I’m fighting. This robbery, and thats what it is, a simple, low class robbery, is gonna get more people hurt and its necessary that I start directing the violence, so that the right people get hurt, as opposed to me and my friends and family.

And remember, y’all could get over yourselves, tell the fucking truth, stop trying to direct violence here and let us all live in peace. But I can not survive this horrific crime without recruiting and mobilizing troops. And the nationalists are the troops I have access to, so here we are. I think people underestimate how serious this crime is. The community, and this site, mobilized hundreds, if not thousands of abusive predators to collect that 2k and I will defend myself by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. ANY. Thats the whole point of martial arts. If I need to do some fucked up shit to defend myself, I will. Thats on the aggressor.

All I want is my actual identity back so I may resume… um, living in my fucking homeland, providing for myself and starting a family. Meanwhile the other side wants to turn a failed brother’s rage into millions of dollars for him at the literal and figurative expense of the entire community, through involuntary servitude. Its not even a question of who’s in the wrong. The question is how far I have to go to get this animal to remove its hoof from my fucking neck.

How is that working out for you?

Great. When I have issues, theyre taken seriously. Lets say, hypothetically, that an established leader wanted to do something improper. Like rob me. We go before a serious court and actually resolve it. When something like that happened, the people involved were removed, DESPITE (then) my low rank, and my race, and I got the resources that that person would’ve had. This place literally has less integrity than the worst white supremacists in the world and thats shameful. That is fucking shameful.

These dudes virtue signal, but we ACTUALLY saved BLM, we had the guns and the manpower to do it and we didn’t stop protecting the blacks until the Klansmen were fucking destroyed. Dude died in a desert cause the white supremacists couldn’t justify harming innocent blacks.

Bullshido is worse than white supremacy and its shameful.

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Thats good.

I seem to read a lot about how you are going to battle this guy or take down that.

And not much about you improving your own circumstances.

Which is the bit i care about.

But if that is working out for you. Then keep cracking on.

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For me to improve my circumstance, men like this have to die. And they will. There is no reason for anyone to be reaching at my pockets, trying to kill me, trying to kill family members or any of that. And I’m gonna kill them if they don’t stop. I’m not trying to battle anyone. I’m trying to be safe at work. Thats literally all I want. Plotting to kill me and/or my family is out of line and I will shoot. It’s just simple racketeering and you dump mobsters in the river. Thats how you handle that. Cause clearly talking aint working. Anyone that thinks that dudes are gonna be approaching this household for cyber kills and I won’t kill them first is out of their motherfucking mind.

And remember, all I’m trying to do is be safe at work. You’re talking to the wrong guy. You need to ask the creeps why they’re running around trying to murder me and not doing something with THEIR lives. Cause they’re about to lose their lives.

I think telling people to stop trying to murder me over 2k makes perfect sense and I will kill them if they don’t understand that. I don’t want to. The trial would be a mess. But I actually cant do things like go to work, build a family, etc with these lunatics trying to murder me.

Jesus christ, what did they do to the trans community? What the actual fuck?

It’s a long story. Old as time really. I couldn’t tell the whole story in one night, even as it burns in my head and tests my inner mushin. Tell the truth, but tell it slant.

All warfare is deception. They think they are Internet ninjas, but they are just slow, easy prey. Like dogs, overconfident.

Most of them are literally fat, neck bearded gamers who can’t get laid, rarely shower, and on Mommy’s credit card.

Oh, niggas about to learn today. “Oh, hey, lets just rob this guy, and maybe kill a few household members for fun.” Yeah, ok. Niggas about to learn.

Its like trans Christmas today. Their enemies are about to get BURIED.

And yeah, you just ended the worst of the right wing war in the trans community. Seems we have some mutual enemies.

Just remember who coined the term “glow-n…” before it was co-opted by the internet underworld.

Some people still use his AV software even though he’s dead, likely a victim of the same mutual enemies.

Because you can’t just put yourself out there in cyberspace without cyberspace staring back at you.

Dude, the trans community owes you a serious debt. What you did for them yesterday means that not only am I pulling my men from that battle zone, but that I’ll be hunting down their enemies, with the upgrades you delivered. You have offered a better deal than Hitler.

I still think you’re a creepy weirdo and one of the least trustworthy people ever, but in this case you did good.

You want to see what creepy really is?

That guy who just shot up Burlington VT. Been there.

His personal website is all written in some sort of pseudo IPA code.

Not only can I decipher it, it’s really starting to bug me, in a very Watchmen Rorschach way.

I won’t post screenshots. Screenshots are for the weak.