Is dr edward thalheimer a fraud

How can you help? The Person worked for him here in the United States or Kenya ?

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In his bio he claims he followed his then instructor to Kenya.
The instructor was Amen K Rahh. This dude just left United States went to Kenya and never came back. This was over 20 years ago. He had a family. Wife and kids. He had outstanding warrants for back child support and Domestic violence.
He settled in Mombasa, Kenya where he married a young Kenyan girl .
This was Dr Thalheimer’s mentor.

He passed away sometime last year I guess…

Amen K Rahh

So far there has been zero evidence posted of any accusations .

The longer that remains the less credible they will look .


I will post this soon .


I saw this post shared on fb .How can I reach you? I dated Edward in Mombasa Kenya some years ago . Until he gave me an std . ,twice. He was always involved with multiple women at the same time. He even had a nickname. Chui means leopard :leopard: in Swahili . If you go to Mombasa you’ll find not less than 10 women who at some point called themselves Edwards girlfriend. He had an apartment that used to have all types of crazy parties in Kikambala Kenya.
He even opened up a brothel for some girl he used to date.

I’m calling bullshit here.


He was quite the ladies man .

How is it bullshit .

Check your private message.

@CindyDbx am not sure posting a selfie of you and Thalheimer is a good idea. It makes you a target. Thalheimer once had a victim arrested just for speaking to me .

@Bloyourself am still waiting for you to get in touch.

All of a sudden everyone knows and hates this totally obscure figure?

maybe because I’ve shared this link on multiple platforms .

I also dated this guy

He got me pregnant and was mean to cats