Is dr edward thalheimer a fraud

Hi guys. Came across this site few weeks ago while doing some research on Dr Edward S Thalheimer for a docu series am working on .I saw a post about him , and I’d like to get in contact with some people on this site.
I’ve learnt that Dr Thalheimer used to travel to Kenya for years to engage in some weird shit with very young girls. This africanmma thing was closed in 2014 and their shit auctioned off . So it was probably a front for his ‘extra curricular activities.’I got victims hiding shit scared for just speaking out.please reach out to me if you have any useful info on the Dr .

You have made some quite serious accusations there about his conduct.

Do you have any evidence to support those claims?

Interesting in the thread he said he never worked in Kenya yet his cached bio states

"In 1998, Dr. Edward Thalheimer followed his then-instructor to Kenya in order to continue his training and receive a promotion to a fifth-degree black belt. Little did Dr. Thalheimer know that he would make countless trips to Kenya in the years to come, not only to continue his martial arts training but to spread a specific form of karate around the nation and develop their own forms and degrees of black belts. Most recently, Dr. Thalheimer and his associates brought jiu-jitsu to Kenya and, through his funding, started the first martial arts studio in the area. "

His Youtube link = “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”

He doesn’t appear to be involved in the martial arts at all these days.

Everything I can find is to do with tutoring children.

Yes I have very concrete evidence . I’ve spent almost 2 years investigating this.

Also notice that suddenly he just appears to be all over google with websites praising all his work. All created sometime in 2019 . That’s because in 2018 a victim came forward through The Bloom Firm. So he’s trying to paint a picture that he was traveling to Kenya for his studio which is false because this studio was closed down sometime in 2014 due to rent arrears and everything auctioned off by the building owner/ landlord . He traveled to Kenya all through 2017 and again in 2019 . So what was he going to do there? Why suddenly create multiple websites and blogs talking about his travels to Kenya only after someone alleged he was involved in some shit .I have also discovered that he has taken extreme measures to ensure that his websites cannot be accessed from Kenya . Why ?

Firstly welcome to Bullshido and I mean that .

If you are to get the most out of your time here regardless of agenda then you need to know that if you post something here you will be expected to support what you have said .

I have no idea if this guy is guilty or innocent because you have posted zero evidence .

I went to Sardinia 8 times to see my friend , somebody could post somewhere that I went there to rob banks but that wouldn’t make it true .

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Okay, since the original poster is claiming – implying that thalheimer does stuff with young girls. Does the original poster have any evidence of such misconduct for example:

  1. Evidence of an arrest or conviction for sexual assault or similar such misconduct.
  2. An admission by thalheimer that he is interested in, or commits such acts.
  3. A newspaper article providing some documentation of this claim.
  4. Civil court actions such as civil suits that would support the claim.
  5. The testimony by a victim of such behavior.

And before the OP complains of unfair treatment, I ask anyone who makes such allegations for such evidence.


“That’s because in 2018 a victim came forward through The Bloom Firm.” [quoting OP]

Okay, if this is a law firm did they file any sort of law suit or legal action?

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How about an email from Thalheimer offering one of the girls money to drop the allegations. It says in the email, this is not the first time this story has been told. How about you take the money and don’t tell.
2. In a statement by Thalheimer he claims he was coming to Kenya to teach martial arts in his Nairobi studio.???
3. HSI was investigating him for sex tourism…

Do you have an image of the original email, and can you establish that Thalheimer uses that particular email address?

Who is HSI and can you prove they were conducting an investigation.

Who and what is the Bloom Firm.

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Yes I can.
HSI - Homeland Security Investigations .
Bloom Firm is a law firm in Ca .

I understand everyone’s concerns. I wouldn’t be posting this if I didn’t have concrete evidence. Am sorry if I violated any terms, not my intentions at all .

Like I mentioned on my earlier post, am working on a docu series centered on sex trafficking, sex tourism in Africa.To be brief , I only asked about the Dr because I saw a post about him and his africamma thing in Kenya and someone had asked if he was a fraud. I’d like to know if they actually visited the said studio.

Typically on an allegation like sex abuse you link to, or provide images of documents that support your allegation. You say you have concrete evidence but if the viewer can’t see it and evaluate it we end up being asked to accept your word, and since you are anonymous, that’s a problem.

Can you link the thread you mentioned, or are you having trouble finding it?

I will be posting this very soon . Videos, pics , court docs etc

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I can help you. How do I contact you?

I can help. I know someone who worked for him

How can you help ?