Is board breaking a good measure of how powerful a technique is?

Most martial artist believe the Side kick is the most powerful kick based on the fact that it breaks the most boards

But I’ve heard from other people that board breaking is a poor tool for power data, and that side kicks will always break the most boards due to direction of the force/thrust.

Is that really the case? Will some techniques with less power still break more boards than more powerful ones, due to the pushing or thrusting trajectory of them?

Didnt you try to physics us all with your force stuff? Surely you can deduce an answer to this yourself?

I am trying to Imagine someone throwing a perfectly curved spinning heel kick vs spinning Side kick with the heel.

Maybe more boards break because a spinning heel will connect woth more parts of the foot (Force is spread more).

Spinning heel kick generates higher torque but it’s possible that Side kicks have threefold more mass since they go forward.

Then again, if it’s all about going forward…maybe they break more simply because it pushes.

Power advantage or not, I think a spinning hook kick or wheel kick to the head is more lethal.

First of all everything is swung into the target, it doesn’t push it away.

SecondLy, the concentrated impact is greater (If you have the right distance). The edge of the foot is swung violently.

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Board breaking is the most under used training technique in modern martial arts second only to press ups on your knuckles on concrete.

Its the lack of hand and knuckle conditioning that results in endless punches to the head in MMA with nobody getting knocked out.

Its so annoying that these MMA idiots came along with matted floors , rule books and a referee and said “LOOOK DIS IZ REELISTIK BRAH!”

Wood is ok but I prefer message boards.

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the keyboard is the only tool a modern warrior needs

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If I double force with doubling mass, and quadruple force by doubling Speed, why isn’t speed then more important than mass for power?

You never answered that

why wouldnt you want to increase both mass and speed?

1:02 proves it’s a good indicator of skill.

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As an engineer, reading this is rather painful.


As a war engineer, I concur.

Let’s face it, breaking boards is one of the most useless martial arts skills (up there with kicking a dead bag), yet one of the most profitable for supporting martial arts cults. They sell boards at these places. You actually need to buy the wood your kid wants to split. Along with patches, belts, and other bling.

I know this on a personal level. I got my youngest into boxing, BJJ, and full contact kung fu, before he was 8.

But he saw one demo at a city fair, and wanted to join a local TKD dojang because they were breaking dry wood. 2 years, thousands of $ later.

I set him straight though. I attack him while he’s doing chores. Now, no TKD student can break him. They just all think they can, because breaking wooden boards is all they know.