Is board breaking a good measure of how powerful a technique is?

Was always baffled by the whole breaking thing (not the electric boogaloo version).

I do admit that seeing one my teachers break a seasoned board with a single mid-knuckle (nakadaka ippon ken) strike was rather impressive, but it was more because of his age (He was 60+).

The other breaking demo I did like was one where it was dozens of people rushing at the dude from various directions and placing the board in different heights and angles so he had to keep switching technicques for each at great speed. So it was more about dealing with the different targets than the actual breaking. It could have been done with pads just the same, me thinks.

I have consulted a physicist after reading this

The most powerful kick in theory is the side kick due to much higher pressure point (at high speeds).

Swinging strikes have high momentum, moderate penetration. Thrusting strikes have highs in both.

The average swing/hook punch, will have more power due to the limitation and lazyiness of human build.

But at master level, thrusting, spearlike strikes pack more power.

Joe Lewis was right…

Here you can see a good angle on the massive use of torque to thrusting kicks. Last kick thrown is a swinging kick, a spinning hook kick

Some martial artists think that this - skipping, or step in side kick has the most power.