Is America doomed?

As an outsider looking in, things in the USA are looking dire

COVID is running amok

Food aid lines miles long

45 doing, at best nothing, and at worst planning a coup

Millions of radicalised “conservatives” seemingly sold on the fable of a stolen election

Right wing Militias planning to kill or capture State officials

Will the historic beacon of liberty survive to lead the way?

It will.

You should have made this into a poll. We’re fucked-light, maybe one day to to be fucked-proper in English parlance.

In the porn version President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho would have just removed his 15 inch chemically augmented wedding tackle from our bleeding war crime of a womb and Paul Little appears to be organizing the after party courtesy of the political disinformation industry that appears to have replaced mainstream media for 60-75% of the country.

All empires fall on a long enough timeline. Perhaps the fleeting moments of Constantinople aside, I suspect none saw it coming.

We’re all doomed. But especially the Irish.

Sure, when all the Irish Americans return “home” and seek asylum, we’ll sink!

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The irony in your statement is that plenty of non-Irish Americans already come to Ireland every year except this one.

Time for a jig.

Too early to call in my opinion.

Don’t know where you’re getting the food line info though. Be interested in any supporting documentation you have for that.

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Plenty of food here. New ammo in stores, not so much.

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This is anecdotal but I volunteer at a food pantry in north Austin and our client list has doubled in 2020. Last week we distributed food to over 170 families.

Here is a little bit of data from the Central Texas Food Bank,


Well, if matters do come to a head, and America plunges further into a dystopian future, then you’ll at least have company!
The UK is successfully forging on with its transformation into a shite remake of Escape from New York, so we’ll join you on the road to oblivion.


Call your local food bank and ask them how demand has changed if you want it from the horses mouth

If Ireland was in the UK I’d be a little more alarmed

Revolutions only gain momentum when the Rebels can harness hunger to motivate the proletariat

“One in six could go hungry” is a supposition, no a statement of fact.

I expect better of you Doof.

What do you want and I can provide the information in a format you find acceptable

See, you have this backwards.

Anyways, I’d normally post a penis meme here, but I’m classier than that at this point in my life.

How many more plots to over throw state governments?

The Wolverine Watchmen plot was disconcerting, not merely for the juxtaposition of such an infantile name and armed and dangerous terrorists, but for every shambolic plot that is detected, how many are not?

Settle down 50 Cent. The boogaloo will be over in a week or two and vaccine is out.


I admire your optimism

Wonder how many in the US military have white supremacist ideologies?

How many are just die hard Trumpers

You don’t need a large number of turn coats to launch a coup

Perhaps to sustain a take over, but a relatively small number of well place staff, and control of media

Coordination of the various Team Wolf Alpha Squads, training in the mountains

If the wrong person gets launch codes …