Is a Karate takedown with one arm pulling the collar, possible to pull off on a judoka?

In Karate, you are allowed to grab the opponents collar with one hand only, jerk him down to the ground, Followed by a finishing technique with a punch.

Would an Olympic level Karateka be able to pull of that off on a judoka in a freestyle rules setting? Is there any validity to one arm takedowns (are they trained?) or are they garbage?

The reason two arms aren’t allowed is because the committee fears that the karate sport will be dominated by Judo throws.

This is a stupid way to train. Go do credible training for several years and then you’ll be able to make modifications that make sense to you and suit your needs. There is an answer, but you don’t have the training yet.


I don’t train Karate. Just watched the Olympic style for a couple of days.

They try and cheat with a double arm hip throw here and there and sometimes get a way with it.

Thats even worse. Go train. You will get answers. You will not even know what the answer looks or feels like by chatting online.

@Osiris out of curiosity are you aware of the shit storm of a thread @A11 started? It sounds like you have but I’m not sure.

But anyway Osiris is right. If you train in something credible for a number of years you’ll get your answer.

No, I’m literally just responding to this post in an honest manner.

Anyone? You obviously need freestyle rules or else they will start automatically with both hands on each other

You’ve wasted enough of everyone’s time, so I wouldn’t expect many with engage with you.

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what do you actually get out of asking this and do you think we’ll somehow change the sport by talking from behind monitors while stroking our beards, or do you intend to develop more podcast host beating technique.

Seriously, go train against some humans and stop worrying about shit other people do

as someone who trained multiple karate styles, which one are you talking about? They dont all have the same rules. Goju Ryu for example had a number of early practitioners when it got to japan who studied judo and moved their throws into it as Goju and Uechi ryu maintained some of the Okinawan wrestling techniques. In the Shin Atemi organisation, grappling is directly taken from Kosen Judo, some knockdown schools use Goju and Kyokushin, which has Goju ryu influences, as a base and allows grappling. There’s also Ashihara which I’ve heard some claim had Pankration influence (but I haven’t delved into reading into that too hard)

What you’re allowed to do in any of these will vary, and what you’re trained to do even more so. Jesse Enkamp can tell you all he likes he can be learning capoeira and still end his videos on ‘but really Im still doing Karate’ but when there’s variation like this, I don’t agree with that take.

Which committee stated this? Which Olympic level Karateka, which judoka?

WKF and JKA rules kumite both have one hand pull restrictions, and those are the only orgs I care about for the purposes of the discussion.

Primarily WKF since they have the top athletes.

A fascinating evolution of WKF Karate is that competitors have head movement these days. They actually duck under punches.

It looked so moronic in old school karate where they just step in with no defence. Like a wild wild west with punches, only that both guns go off…

For the purposes of discussion, go train. Then you’ll know. Work your sweep game. Learn some judo. Learn some karate. Then you’ll know how karate and judo interact for your purposes. If you don’t train, then it’s pointless explaining this to you anyways.


What do you think, can they pull it off?

Can who pull what off?

@Dr.Gonzo Can an Olympic level Karateka pull off sweeps on a high level Judoka or are they easily defendable?

'll see if can find a really Good example.

Be more intelligent. This is not how you approach thia question.

I know I shouldn’t feed into this but I’ll answer anyway. You’re being a martial philosopher right now. You’re philosophizing what ifs and people are telling you that you need to go train to find the answer.

I’ll use myself as an example. What if I asked “can aikido work against an olympic level judoka?” I might get alot of back and forth but the question at it’s heart would not be answered. However in real life I used aikido against a olympic level judoka in randori. So I know the answer to this question from real life experience and not from asking this question on the internet. The point I’m trying to make is get out there and train.

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maybe show an example and I will see if I can replicate it with my experience in both karate and judo soon as my stitches are out and I’ve healed?