IBJJF launches Gi Scam

Here they go again. They ban your shit, then sell it back to you. Its their entire model. Regulate existing gear, ranks, business out, then sell you a replacement. This is a scam org.


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Keep in mind, I have zero scamming accusations asides from complete strangers pushing conspiracy theories about one incident where I didnt pay a bribe. Not paying bribes is like the opposite of scamming. Meanwhile this company has racked up about a decade of additional complaints now in addition to the complaints made prior to mine. The outrage mob is looking the wrong way.

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And note that its always they same brand. They assume regulatory control, ban X, then have a replacement to sell you. EVERY SINGLE TIME, the “problem” is of THEIR making and then they sell YOU a solution.

“Shoyoroll?”. Christ.

Yeah see this is a real issue. Thanks for posting it.

BJJ instructors sort of enable this crap, which is why I always preferred judo.

There’s just less bullshit, and my gi from college is 25 years old and still practically indestructible compared to my BJJ one (which is nice but now I guess I need a new one).

Boo on IBJJF. But the comments on that thread are a goldmine.

No gi is just gi without the gi - get into it. The next phase of competition is here, forget the old money maker.