IBJJF launches Gi Scam

Here they go again. They ban your shit, then sell it back to you. Its their entire model. Regulate existing gear, ranks, business out, then sell you a replacement. This is a scam org.


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Keep in mind, I have zero scamming accusations asides from complete strangers pushing conspiracy theories about one incident where I didnt pay a bribe. Not paying bribes is like the opposite of scamming. Meanwhile this company has racked up about a decade of additional complaints now in addition to the complaints made prior to mine. The outrage mob is looking the wrong way.

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And note that its always they same brand. They assume regulatory control, ban X, then have a replacement to sell you. EVERY SINGLE TIME, the “problem” is of THEIR making and then they sell YOU a solution.

“Shoyoroll?”. Christ.

Yeah see this is a real issue. Thanks for posting it.

BJJ instructors sort of enable this crap, which is why I always preferred judo.

There’s just less bullshit, and my gi from college is 25 years old and still practically indestructible compared to my BJJ one (which is nice but now I guess I need a new one).

Boo on IBJJF. But the comments on that thread are a goldmine.

No gi is just gi without the gi - get into it. The next phase of competition is here, forget the old money maker.

It’s not actually, especially when the IBJJF is involved.

I don’t even know if the newer people of this current Bullshido crew know me, or if I’ve mentioned I run a small club now that is part of a franchise, but if you do know me, keep this to yourself.

The franchise is looking to partner with the IBJJF, if not already has, in a roundabout fashion, ie, they’ve installed or are installing a new “head coach” that none of us have trained under and they’re trying to sell the benefits to the franchisees of being under this IBJJF partner and we all can see through it like it is a newly cleaned windscreen.

I fucking hate it lol - at the end of this year, I’ll have some mad stories to tell.

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You and me both.

Christ, I know exactly what you are talking about.

Where should we begin. How familiar are you with pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing? I’m not a sales guy, I’m the guy they send after those guys.

You know, end of day, 5 magic letters mean a lot to some people. Not really to me, I roll with a tougher crowd. But let’s face it if you train someone who does want to enter, you’ll have to at least know the ins and outs. There are always rules.

I’ll tell you one thing, forget BJJ and Brazil for that matter. They didn’t invent this. Hate the game, not the player, playa.

Actually Brazil is in fact number one in south american scams. The scam is in fact called “the brazilian way”, though it is clearly a simple pyramid scheme with ponzi elements, using lineage to launder it.

Either way, they need to stop pocket watching, cause 2k buys a decent amount of guns and at least a couple graves.

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Never forget, dozens of bullies attacked and betrayed one of their own, for exposing this literal human trafficking. You helped:


This is the counterpoint:

Nigga… I am not responsible for the behavior of these degenarates. An accurate accounting of what I saw shouldn’t be held against me, even if these people are crazy as fuck. The upper class parasites are robbing the low class parasites who are in term scammig the high class parasites. But its all a thing from THEIR COUNTRY, as they keep reminding us, so maybe they should be held accountable instead.

I’m an American. I would never fucking walk into a workplace and start behaving like this. I’d be fucking mortified to have anything to do with either side. But these niggas gonna attach their shit to my name? Its literally their shit. Its what they fucking do. I just told what was going on because its a serious crime that has nothing to do with jiujitsu other than theme. Its not a necessary function of the art, but a necessary function of fraud.

Blatantly fraudulent business structure triggers deletion of team from tournament:


Weird how much the brazilian traditions look like a mob of people comitting fraud and cheating.

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There goes BJJ themed racketeer Gabi Garcia targeting her victims family:

Hold on a minute. Do you mean THE Gabi Garcia the borderline male judo/jiu jitsu competitior?

Yeah. Shes a racketeer.

The big three are Gracie Barra, Alliance and BTT. Thats who Vinny mentioned. These people are racketeers and if you need to say “no”, to these people, you have to say it with a gun. It’s the only way.

I think it’s time we talked about Chinatown. This is a very personal thing for me.

I don’t mean any particular city, I mean Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. John Huston, father of Angelica, the original voice of Gandalf and one of the grossest, despicable characters in cinematic history. HIGGINS III (Magnum’s Alfred in a brief supporting role).

There are more worlds than these, gunslinger.

My favorite Johnny Dep movie is, of course, Rango, which is a mashup of Chinatown, Once Upon a Time in the West, and various Clint Eastwood movies.

As an investigator, you will often reach a point where you are both right and powerless, but still alive and un-incarcerated. You figured it all out in the end, but bad people still get what they want.

How about ABSCAM? Let’s go. American Hustle.

Seriously dwell on this face. It’s better than the Calm app.



Bro, sometimes I want what both of you are on, then I don’t want it because I wonder if you’re both just on a lifelong acid flashback

Thats a Rick and Morty joke about my current hobbies.

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I’m currently riding up on the Autobot matrix.

Was also just approved for term life insurance.

Where we are going, we don’t need roads. We have Dinobots.