IBJJF launches Gi Scam

Also, keep in mind, I don’t get the standard social reward for speaking clearly and sensibly, so I don’t bother. Usually, if you do that, people take you seriously, but here, when I did that, people started saying I was crazy just because they didn’t like the facts (bjj is a scam). If you walk into a room fully clothed and everyone starts screaming that you have your dick out you may as well let your dick swing.

So sinister vibes works better than quality work and clear speech because the audience here is utterly delusional. When I speak to worthy audiences, I make sure that they can understand me and that I have something worst presenting, as they’re not crazy people who think their friend has been replaced by an imposter.

When I switched to more aggresssive signaling in the delusional crowd, I got a decrease in people both behaving aggressively and attempting to manage my decisions for me. We’re moving from “Give me the money or else” vibes to “Are you sure this guy isn’t dangerous?” vibes. I’d prefer “This guys minding his business and doing his arts”, but people can’t seem to imagine working and not owing Jr. a ton of money. Like they pay their owners 200 a month. Lol

So yeah, in a room full of crazy people, be the craziest motherfucker in the room. That’s just the way that you all have chosen to proceed. There was plenty of time to back away from the utterly psychotic stance that my businesses are obligated to give away free money. All the conspiracy theories about some crazy scheme to sneak into BJJ were retarded. Why would I do that when the training is fun and I could just train more if my level was an issue? It doesn’t make sense. I don’t waste time when communicating with someone that retarded or malicious. It doesn’t matter if they understand me. The only thing that matters is that my aggression signal is strong enough to encourage them to avoid me.

Only $200 a month?

I will have some news for you once I am clear of legal repercussions.

I meant that saying that other people don’t have owners that they pay 200 a month to. No one does except victims of Carlos and other trafficked people.