How is your training going: An open discussion topic since I don't think we have one right now?

Just checking in with everybody. How is your training going these days, if you are at the same place, no longer training, changed gyms, teaching, aspiring to teach or think it’s not practical for ‘teh streets’ ™

Currenlty Im assessing moving on from Goju ryu and switching to muay thai that works around my schedule a lot better and doesn’t require forking out more money for one to ones to learn kata (a barrier to my progress)

Virtually non existent since pandemic started. Hope to get back in this year sometime.

Good. We have three young bucks going for their first fights at the moment. So plenty of energy.

Otherwise still doing the jits. Working on pistol chokes at the moment.

best of luck, what would you do if the place you were originally training at didn’t reopen?

Well, I have a forehead reflex ball for fist accuracy, but my Dr says I can’t overdo it because of my shitty blood cells.
So I keep my mind busy.
La Pluma es más fuerte que la Espada even if they don’t allow katanas nor in hospital neither in my mamma’s basement.

But my Chi is Supersayan level, and I cook sometimes

Either find somewhere else to train or would have to stop training if there were no viable options.

Going great. Pretty soon I should be able to achieve a global shut down using nothing but jiujitsu basics.

No training for me. Too crippled up from past-life training.