Hitting Story Hour

For my next story I’m gonna be attending a protest at Drag Queen Story Hour where the right will clash with Antifa. Any questions y’all want me to ask?

What is an interesting, is that there is a long tradition of actors, in costume, tellings stories, who play the parts of their opposite sex type.

There seems to me to be nothing inherently new, or wrong, or alarming about that.

However, at the same time, there has been a long history of debate as to which stories, and what level of violence, sexuality, and adult themes are appropriate for children and minors to be exposed to.

So, Drag Queens telling children stories should not alarm anyone.

However, stories about Drag queens, or straight people, or gay people that are excessively violent, or deal with sexuality themes may be too advanced for children, regardless of who is doing the telling, or the acting, depending on how graphic or detailed they are.

For that matter, a story teller or actor, may be playing the part and/or in the costume of a lion, or a wolf, a unicorn, or dragon.

The costume of the story teller, or actor, so long as it is not graphically sexualized or nude, does not and should not matter even when it comes to telling stories or acting out plays to children.

But the choice of story, and the choice of play, and how it is told, and how it is enacted, may matter, depending on the levels of violence, sexuality, and other adult themes, and how they are handled.

For that matter, it is customary for a story teller to imitate the voice of female characters and imitate the voice of male characters, and to imitate animal sounds, and other sounds, when telling stories.

The issue the right is having is that it’s introducing children to adult gay culture. Which it is.

So, the argument is, having a story teller in costume is harmful, if the costume is a cross dressing situation?

On its own, seems to be contrary to hundreds of years (or more) of story telling tradition.

Yes and no.


No. The issue is that it’s basically a gay kink costume that implies a lot of adult oriented behaviors from drugs to abnormal sex. For example, my buddies and I are pretty much the best at racial comedy, aside from Kanye West. But it would be wildly inappropriate for us to suit up and then put on a kids version of the show. It hints at things that aren’t for them.

Especially considering the street fight that is going to potentially happen in front of the same kids who are having their innocence protected.

So here is the question. Is marriage a sexual kink of an adult nature that children really shouldn’t be exposed to?

Because that is literally the green light for sex.

I am not sure this is the message we should be sending to children.

It’s how kids are made, so there is no separating children from the concept of parents and sexual reproduction. This is more akin to exposing children to kink. It has nothing to do with reproduction and everything to do with kinky sex.

Also, who said Beyonce was for kids?

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At Christmas in the UK we have plays called Pantomimes each year and a female character called “Widow Twanky” has always historically been played by a man in drag.

I am with you 100% it is nothing to do with the act of a man dressing as a women and everything to do with the content and agenda.

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No. Heterosexuality and marriage are normal. A Consent Based morality is what got us to MAPs. And libs just won’t get it until you’re being rounded up for the gulag sadly.


That’s wayyyy to much nuance for the christo-fascists, man…

Dressing in drag/cross-dressing is not inherently gay/homosexual.

However, that’s why the “right” call it “grooming”, the whole intro to gay culture thing.

The interesting bit that is left out is that parents, as parents, can simply not take their kids to cross-dressing/drag events. Solution seems pretty simple to me.

Parents who are not concerned with “grooming” issues, can take their kids, and, one would hope, go with their kids, and be able to talk to the kids about what is going on, from the viewpoint of the value system of the parents/family.

However, the christo-fascists want/need trigger issues, so we now have what we have.


Really, it’s the fact that the cross-dresser (or however the storyteller is dressed), is not telling judeo-xtian bible stories, in the exact way/context that the xtian reconstructionists desire.

It’s just easier to go after the gay/x-dressing/transvestite crowd, then take on more difficult institutions, like, public libraries. Which they are actively doing too, BTW.

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I was just thinking about him along those lines. Best troll job ever?

Parents are just dropping off their kids at these shows or what? pre-teen kids are sneaking out and riding their trikes/bikes to the local gay bar/club to take in the show?

I didn’t let my boys watch r-rated movies until a certain age/level of maturity. Of course, once they got phones I’m sure they were watching all sorts of interesting things on them.

Again, parents have control of what their kids watch in person and where they go.

This isn’t about the drag queen story hour, it’s about the bigger picture/ “culture” war.

Oh, that’s kind of mild, really…

She’s not, for the most part. I’ll leave it to you to comment on… nevermind…