Heavy bag for the apartment:

If you could only fit one or two free standing bags in your apartment which would you choose?

  • Century Bob
  • Wavemaster XXL
  • Make one out of tires
  • Rolled up carpet in a corner
  • Real Doll
  • Speed bag
  • Etc.


Why not get a bag stand which has the heavy bag on front and speed bag on back?

Something like this:

You’ll probably want a couple of 45 lb plates to put on the legs, btw.


That one is a bit expensive.

When I had room and health for, I had a Banana 180cm from Rude Boys (Valencia SPAIN). With the 70cm wall bracket.

Did a lot of big holes to place it safely, though. Hell of a heavybag.

This one new is $130 US on Amazon, though I don’t think includes the bag(s). I had a similar unit I picked up used, a while back, for $50 US, including the bags.

I suppose, that back then because of the shipping costs to Spain, it may have been too much for me.

That’s why I ended up relying in a local brand.

I am renting a one bedroom apartment and I only have room in the kitchen. I can’t mount anything or do any damage to the walls or the floor. I can put mats on the floor but I can’t drill holes in it.

I’m on the first floor and the floor is basically a cement slab with faux wood over it. I asked for that on purpose so I could workout without shaking a section of the building or making a ton of noise. Weight is not an issue.

I like Century Bob for drills but I’m also wanting to do bag work for cardio and I’ve never used a Century Bob for serious bag work. Just drills. I feel like a heavy bag is better for that but maybe I’m wrong. Would you use a Century Bob for cardio?

I feel like anything with a stand is going to wobble around too much without being bolted down or just massive and expensive. I also want a power tower so… maybe a big one like for squats could handle a heavy bag hanging on it.

I like to keep the apartment neat but it’s just me living there and it’s my cave so I could put a jungle gym in the kitchen if I want. I just can’t damage the floors or the walls.

The answer depends on what style(s) you practice. Four limb striking requires a hell of a lot more room than, say, a reflex bag for boxing. And a big thick standing bag is not a great option if can’t move around it (for some reason people love to put them in a corner, eliminating the ability to move around the bag, which defeats a lot of the purpose of using one at all).

I like these because they are not that big, they are super mobile, but you’re not going to use them for most kicks, beyond fancy Northern Shaolin wushu etc.


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Something I used to do is pop on some MMA gloves and hit the wall (just for drills). I had a basement at that apartment though. This is dry wall.


That’s a bad idea, and a great way to fuck up your wrists.

No, it’s not. I’ve been doing it in some form or other for decades with zero injuries. It’s the same as hitting a makiwara but you’ve got the whole wall.


Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home. I’m not recommending it to anyone else. I’ve done a ton of training without wraps or tape. To each his own.

Zero injuries, as if you’d know right away.

You just displayed a total ignorance of striking science.

Suit yourself.


Ok I’m starting to smell fat neck beard troll. Feel free to prove me wrong, but I’ll respond with striking sport science. That’s just how I roll.

You guys need to stop watching Icey Mike videos.

If you are going to throw 800 punches for some heavy bag work for cardio then wrap up. But, if you’ve never done any bag work or drills without tape or wraps then… wtf are you going to do when you don’t have time to tape your wrists in real life… on planet Earth… without your little astronaut arm suits?

What are you training to do exactly? Pretend to fight? Do you also forbid shoes when you practice kicks? I’ve kicked cement walls (while wearing shoes) my whole damn life. The soles are made out of rubber. You can literally kick anything while wearing shoes. Guess what? You can also punch anything with a little padding. Fuck your theories. I’ve done it.

Decades. No injuries. None to my wrists or my hands aside from scuffed up knuckle skin when I didn’t use gloves on a canvas bag. Blood on the bag. Got in trouble. Bought weight lifting gloves. Problem solved. I’m an artist. I write. I work with my fingers and hands. I don’t play piano but I could. No arthritis. My hands are fine.

I don’t shoot for the moon when there’s no padding but, I’m sorry, if you’ve never even hit a bag without tape then you are a dandelion. You’ve never even tried it?

Yes, you can roll your wrist and injure yourself. I rolled my wrist a few times the first time I tried it as a teenager. But, you learn to control your wrist. You learn to aim and time your shots. You’ve got to do it more than once to learn how to do something.

I’ve punched people in the face without gloves since I was a little kid in grade school (before training in anything) without injuring my hands or my wrists. Do you injure your hands everytime you punch someone bare knuckle? Well, you are probably not punching right, honestly.

I know boxers (who I trained with for years) who’ve broken their wrists and knuckles when they hit a person’s jaw or face and it’s not because they punch harder. I punch harder. It’s because they don’t know how to punch naked because they’ve had training wheels and pillows on their arms their whole lives. It’s not, “science.” It’s a pillow fort.

You’re supposed to twist at the shoulder when you punch and punch with your back. You aren’t supposed to twist your wrist. Some guys know that naturally. Others learn. Other guys teach entire generations of students how to punch wrong and break their wrists.

I taped up and I wrapped up just like you when I sparred in gyms. They wouldn’t let me if I didn’t. I just also do this. I’m sorry you don’t know how. I’m not a neckbeard. I’m the old man in the woods.

This is a neckbeard.

Icey Mike has a few good videos but he’s a dumbass 85% of the time. And, that’s super good for a random dork on YouTube. Be proud. But, it’s nothing to feel superior about.

The world is a big place and people do all kinds of things. Muay Thai fighters beat their shins against metal poles sometimes. Are they neckbeards? Nope. Will they be crippled someday? Well, they’ve been chopping trees down with leg kicks for a century and there’s not a backlash from old crippled Muay Thai fighters lining the streets… that I know about.

God dammit. It’s the weekend. I’m going outside.



If you only do what they tell you to do at the gym… you’re a martial arts nerd and you shouldn’t be calling anyone a neckbeard.

Free. Your. Mind. And the rest will follow. Becolorblinddontbesoshallow.

Punching concrete is stupid, though, and most Muay Thai boxers are dirt poor and desperate.

Have you ever punched a human? It’s nothing like concrete.

I’ll rip your post apart in due time. It’s Father’s Day so I’m moving a little slow.

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  • They do it to build up bone density and it works. Muay Thai fighters are not stupid or desperate. It’s also tradition. I don’t do it. I don’t kick with my shins. But, I have all the respect in the world for those guys. I prefer their whip kick delivery (with torque from the hips) to pivot generated kicks (based on planting your leg) and I do use that element of their kicks quite often (as did Mas Oyama). Some MT fighters are quite old and still fighting without any sort of limp. Not all Muay Thai fighters kick trees. Those who kick metal poles are just showing off but some do kick trees for conditioning.

  • Maybe punching concrete is stupid. You wouldn’t know because you don’t do it. Maybe playing in traffic is awesome. You don’t know. Walls don’t move. Neither does the heavy bag when someone is holding it steady for you (something I don’t always have available to me anymore). Oh, a face gives more than concrete? Well, why lift weights? Why run on an incline? Why go rucking? Why ever go above and beyond?

Some people design poor combos because they do it while they are shadowboxing. When you make impact with your kick (against something solid like a wall) you see that you can’t follow this kick with that punch. You see where you’ll really land if you make an impact to his torso and not where you landed when you were shadowboxing.

I punch walls. You don’t. You never have to start. It’s this dismissive attitude I find annoying. You don’t know what it’s about so you dismiss it or whine about it and try to come up with a million reasons to pretend you are the authority on all things. You’re not.

“You’re not that guy.”

I don’t use tape for bag work sometimes. Are my wrists like unto a god? No. But, I have punched a lot of people in the face without injuring myself. How many people have you punched in the face without gloves or tape? How can you be sure you know how to do it if you’ve never done it?

People are moving targets. A wall is not. Neither is a heavy bag, really. Neither is a speed bag, really. Does anyone’s head move like a speed bag? A reflex bag? No. I guess we better stop doing all of that and only punch chickens.

You aren’t going to tear my post apart. Have a good Father’s Day though.

I have a Wavemaster XXL in my garage. It is filled with sand and surrounded on one side with sandbags. It still moves around. I’m thinking of selling it.

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What if I got a squat rack (with power tower features for pull-ups and whatnot) and hung a heavy bag from it? Has anyone gone that route?

Indoor bag stands often need to be bolted down but maybe a squat rack would be more sturdy(?). Are small bag stands sturdy enough when they aren’t bolted down? Just weigh it down and it won’t wobble or make a bunch of extra noise?

If I can find (or build) a power tower (for pull-ups, dips, leg lifts) and maybe with a weight bench that I can also hang a heavy bag from… that could work in my kitchen area.

Oh… shit…