Heavy bag for the apartment:

If you could only fit one or two free standing bags in your apartment which would you choose?

  • Century Bob
  • Wavemaster XXL
  • Make one out of tires
  • Rolled up carpet in a corner
  • Real Doll
  • Speed bag
  • Etc.


Why not get a bag stand which has the heavy bag on front and speed bag on back?

Something like this:

You’ll probably want a couple of 45 lb plates to put on the legs, btw.


That one is a bit expensive.

When I had room and health for, I had a Banana 180cm from Rude Boys (Valencia SPAIN). With the 70cm wall bracket.

Did a lot of big holes to place it safely, though. Hell of a heavybag.

This one new is $130 US on Amazon, though I don’t think includes the bag(s). I had a similar unit I picked up used, a while back, for $50 US, including the bags.

I suppose, that back then because of the shipping costs to Spain, it may have been too much for me.

That’s why I ended up relying in a local brand.

I am renting a one bedroom apartment and I only have room in the kitchen. I can’t mount anything or do any damage to the walls or the floor. I can put mats on the floor but I can’t drill holes in it.

I’m on the first floor and the floor is basically a cement slab with faux wood over it. I asked for that on purpose so I could workout without shaking a section of the building or making a ton of noise. Weight is not an issue.

I like Century Bob for drills but I’m also wanting to do bag work for cardio and I’ve never used a Century Bob for serious bag work. Just drills. I feel like a heavy bag is better for that but maybe I’m wrong. Would you use a Century Bob for cardio?

I feel like anything with a stand is going to wobble around too much without being bolted down or just massive and expensive. I also want a power tower so… maybe a big one like for squats could handle a heavy bag hanging on it.

I like to keep the apartment neat but it’s just me living there and it’s my cave so I could put a jungle gym in the kitchen if I want. I just can’t damage the floors or the walls.

The answer depends on what style(s) you practice. Four limb striking requires a hell of a lot more room than, say, a reflex bag for boxing. And a big thick standing bag is not a great option if can’t move around it (for some reason people love to put them in a corner, eliminating the ability to move around the bag, which defeats a lot of the purpose of using one at all).

I like these because they are not that big, they are super mobile, but you’re not going to use them for most kicks, beyond fancy Northern Shaolin wushu etc.


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Something I used to do is pop on some MMA gloves and hit the wall (just for drills). I had a basement at that apartment though. This is dry wall.


That’s a bad idea, and a great way to fuck up your wrists.

No, it’s not. I’ve been doing it in some form or other for decades with zero injuries. It’s the same as hitting a makiwara but you’ve got the whole wall.


Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home. I’m not recommending it to anyone else. I’ve done a ton of training without wraps or tape. To each his own.