Have you ever experienced something in media that changed your entire mind?

Have you guys experienced something like a movie, book, video game or just basically some type of media that changed your entire mind? I don’t mean something that kind of changed your mind. I mean something that changed it entirely. I used to think that people who are into sadism machoism were just sick motherfuckers but my mind was changed entirely when I read the Ichi the Killer manga. Now I think it’s beautiful.

Yeah, I read this post and now I don’t think there is any hope for humanity.

Yeah that’s a bad date. Like watching Hostel movie bad time.

The manga was fucking brilliant. Good movie too.

Hostel is a much better choice. She cringes and hugs you, hides under the blanket a bit and she might even see you again. Put on Ichi the Killer and she’s RUNNING. The implication is she might not survive.

Did you see the sequel?

Cats licking the chainsaw-severed head of the dude murdered by European gangster pimp overlords. At the breakfast table.

Eli Roth, the Bear Jew.

Still better than ICHI THE KILLER. Ichi gives off the vibes that you might murder your date while making a speech about the essence of suffering or something.

As an aside, I once had a friend plot to kill me because his training material involved a plot to kill someones mom. He took it as a big hint.

I never spoke to someone else on the internet who read ichi the killer. Which is understandable since Ichi is not something most people would get into.

You guys are so novel, it’s adorable.

So we’re going downtown.

Pop quiz hotshots: who is this man? Two hints, it’s not Pedro Pascal after too many Popeyes original chicken sandwiches. He’s also the key to the predatory sexual toxicity of Hollywood.

Ichi the who? Don’t make me fail your Sanity rolls…


I’m even more curious to know who this guy is if he can top the violence found in ichi the killer

An infamous movie director with decades of support from “executive” producer types you’ve probably heard of.

He forced a 12 year old boy to suck him off in the 80s. Filmed it. Got convicted for it.

Somehow, still made half a dozen movies in the 90s-2000s. Including all three Jeeepers Creepers movies.

Scared yet?

wow i just looked this up just wow

I heard Back in Black by ACDC and changed my mind that all Rock/Metal music is dog shit.

Some of its ok

I used to drink wine regularly with one of the members of AC DC
Very down to earth fellow.

It’s worse than you can imagine.

You are basically peering inside an evil mind, when you watch Jeeper Creepers. The kind of cold, calculating kind that gets millions in funding, years after destroying a child on the record.

It’s not quite the same as reading Red Dragon, is it. But I sensed it.

Corey Feldman warned us about this. He’s a Frog Brother. The meanest, the baddest. Vampire killer, vampire fodder, what’s the difference.

Wine? Wine???
Shouldn’t you have been drinking Jack Daniels or blood ??

Wine drinkers listen to Mozart

wine drinker, can confirm

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He loved wine.
We happened to have the same wine purveyor, so we would coincidentally be at the same tastings when limited availability items came in.
Small town kind of thing.

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Thats gross.

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I dare you to watch Jeepers Creepers again with this knowledge.

Never seen it? Don’t.

I can’t avoid it, and there are so many little Easter eggs in that movie. It’s practice.

Check this out. Salva never starred in his movie, but someone gave him a credit…