Have you ever experienced something in media that changed your entire mind?

Ive seen it.

I saw it too when it was released.
Cant remember anything about it but more than happy to take your word for it.

Salva’s first movie (the one he abused a 12 year old boy while making) was called “Clownhouse”.

Fucking clowns strike again. If you see one, run.

Francis Ford Coppola, dude. John Wayne Gacy.

I might give it a read, I need some new manga to sink my teeth into after the oversaturation of isekai harem series coming out.

Anyone here seen “Coraline”?

Button Eyes?

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Asking if anyone has seen coraline when an animator is on the board haha.

I absolutely love the aesthetic of that film, the only film I’ve seen since that was stop motion I enjoyed for unsettling me (but in a very different way) was Mad God, which had me pause it multiple times to say what the actual fuck am i looking at

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Do you understand the horror behind “button eyes”?

Clive Barker?

there’s a few things about them that depending on how you read them just adds to the grimness.

I didnt catch on first viewing the mother can see through them

It’s the Hoodoo.

Long ago, people learned to sew their sorrows into shapes. Blankets, quilts, socks, shirts.

Like BlInd Willie’s open D key, or my meem’s very ornate cloth comforter. Green and white.

But I was taking about this guy. Clive Barker’s version of a Terminator aimed right at you