Frank Dux v. Bullshit Martial Arts Facebook Group

hmmmm intensifies

From the bear himself.

Dugas denies he is fundraising to cover legal fees.

I hope Dale has a good source of money, because civil lawsuits are expensive.

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I utterly could not give less of a fuck about a gaggle of unimportant, flabby dipshits well past their prime and dubious cultural relevance as an embarrassing fad in the 1980s. Trapper Keepers are a more important discussion topic, but whatever.

(This is not directed at OP, but the flabby, unimportant dipshits who perpetuate these trivial squabbles like the world’s worst Mean Girls reboot.)

None taken.

My money is on the judge being driven to drink by a lot of adipose tissue in the court humming and hawing about nothing of substance.


This shit is so cartoonish nowadays. Nobody under the age of 40 gives a shit.

I object to Dux’s shoulder padded gis. Much like politics, suing to hold on to who you said you were decades ago is generally offensive.

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100 with you on that one. Dale was never a major player anyway other than internet drama.

He is the guy that goes into voice chat channels just so you can hear him take a bong rip.

Oh, I’ve been around Dale a lot longer than that… as have many in the original Forums.

I mean in general.

Literally every video he uploads starts with him hitting a bowl. It’s kinda sad.

Yeah, I didn’t doubt that in the least. I wasn’t aware of his cannabis use “back in the day” so to speak.

Let’s not even get into the whole “calling himself a Dr.” with his pseudoscientific herbal bullshit.

Or let’s, because this is the absolute last place anyone should be pulling that crap.

Did you guys know Frank is promoting QAnon and election conspiracy BS, and believes Donald Trump is still president?

Here’s my Trapper Keeper, Phrost.



I didn’t mean to come in here swinging my nuts around and kill the discussion on this. If y’all want to talk about the human car pileup that is this topic, please carry on.

Until things develop into something more, like actually going to negotiations or court, there probably isn’t going to be much to say. It’ll just be a lot of dick waggling until someone escalates.

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Is the peado harbouring true?

I for one am disappointed Thomas Daw isn’t named in the suit.

I think Dale has a habit of attracting these fake MA weirdos because he takes the Bullshido MA fraud busting to 11 on FB, and unfortunately some of these idiots have money to burn and lots of followers like Dux.

Dux been at war with the BSMA page for quite a while (which tries to do on FB what did) unfortunately the FB echo chamber allows Dux to bring far more people to bear on BSMA than would be possible here.

Remember silly groups like the BDFS and Ashida Kim nuts have free reign on FB. It’s like Bullshidoka Candy land, so well meaning counter groups like BSMA have no advantage in the MA world, just like doctors vs anti vaxxers, NASA vs Flat Earth, or scientists vs everyone.