Drag=Black Face

Whilst I do not have a problem with transvestisism as a lifestyle choice , I find drag and drag Queens as entertainment quite misogynistic and offensive

Why? It’s a form of transvestism and has been a socially acceptable outlet for transvestites for decades.

Look to the person’s intent, are they genuinely wearing women’s clothes to mock women or are they indulging in camp cabaret and a form of expression that they could not enjoy in public otherwise.

The article is another woke piece searching for conflict and using trans people as bait.

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Exploiting feminine tropes to get a laugh is no more acceptable to me than exploiting racial tropes for entertainment

If it genuinely offends you and you really think this is an issue in life then fair enough.

Personally, it takes a lot more to offend me and if there’s no malicious intent then I see it for what is is, a camp form of fancy dress.

So if someone does a seve irwin impression I am supposed to be offended now?

Do you feel the same way about black face?

Don’t know about Irwin, but I don’t understand why you’re not more angry about Crocodile Dundee

I don’t even care about black face to be honest.

I think racist humour is a good thing for society.

That’s controversial!

I think racist jokes etc. reinforce stereotypes

The thin edge of the wedge

If someone can’t tell an offensive joke in front of me that kind of shows they can’t trust how I will react.

Which is a huge barrier between people of different cultures.

I am going to say that we almost have to have the ability to offend other cultures for multiculturalism to work.

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If women aren’t bothered by it, why does it matter either way?

I stay out of issues that aren’t any of my business. I’m not telling you what to do, but why make it personal when it has so little bearing on your life?

Crikey! But seriously though, I think Steve Irwin left an Australia shaped hole in the heart of popular culture.

The Discovery Channel went to straight shit without him.

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I kind of agree in that culture is fair game , as it is socially constructed

One learns culture and it can be unlearned

But I think race and gender are inherent and one can not just decide not to be black or female

Disability would be another area where mocking would rub me the wrong way

Many women are, is there a critical mass required before something becomes socially unacceptable?

If you apply the same criteria and standards to drag as you would to black face, it seems pretty hard to justify

But those are not the same thing.

Are you not from America? Have you seen some of the dumb bullshit black Americans have had to put up with here? Minstrel shows? The Song of the South?

Blackface has been used to ridicule black folks since before the radio. The context is all different because blackface is part of a larger and extremely ugly history of severe oppression.

I’ll be blunt. I think it’s drag is weird shit but i don’t have to bother myself thinking about it one hot second since it has no bearing on my life. They don’t bother me, I don’t bother them. There’s some weird genderbender militants out there but again, no bearing on my life and probably not yours or the lives of women. Most of the guys doing that stuff are probably extremely sensitive to women’s issues anyway so I don’t see how it’s a net loss for women to be honest.

Yes, as in I look for intent and context before I judge something. I’ll take to task someone wearing black face in order to insult black people, but I’d pass up on someone wearing it to play a character without the direct intent of insult, even if it is in bad taste.

Justin Trudeau is a good example of the woke-left’s inability to self-regulate and it’s tendency to eat itself. He was the darling of the left for years until those black face pictures appeared and suddenly he’s a massive racist and is instantly vilified. Obviously he’s not racist, just had poor judgement in picking a costume.

I usually dismiss this sort of thing as people looking to be offended by something, until I see an actual demographic up in arms I won’t take it too seriously.

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No. Just because something can be fixed doesn’t mean it can be mocked. I think there needs to be a different line drawn.

But I lean towards a cause and effect style morality rather than an ideological one.

So one disabled person who hates being mocked vs one who doesn’t care.

So for example.

I think censuring this kid did more harm than good.

But that also doesn’t justify all blackface.

So for example. The show the last leg mocked disability a fair bit. But in a way that hopefully promoted the idea that disabled people are real people.

Drag has also been used for 100s of years, at least in the UK, as entertainment

The essence is exploiting the female form by exaggeration and tropes of female behaviour to ridicule women

Just like BF was used

Drag is also part of a long ugly history of misogyny

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That’s the difference between a female impersonator and a drag artist IMO

Whilst the impersonator plays the part of a woman, the drag artist takes the female form and personality traits, and exagerates them to create an obscene parody

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