DC Reality. Ignore the Fake News

This is what actually started the riot at the capitol.

Then the police showed up and rioted

My gear died shortly thereafter so thats the last of the footage. The cops wanted to shoot me with rubbber bullets cause I was rocking a kit and calling them out on the dead guy, so I tucked my chin they couldn’t shoot me in the face. They didn’t wanna test the armor so they shot other people instead. They basically fucked up, interfered with medical aid three times in a day, contributing to as many fatalities, and got violent as a response.

Like, what sort of low individual essentially holds up ambulances at gunpoint? Three times. Three fucking times. One time the secret service had to get involved. And this is going on on the steps of OUR NATIONS CAPITOL. Utter disgrace to our nation. Its on video dude. It happened, they got violent when they got rightfully called out on it, and then a battle occurred. Everyone knew it was right to save these people. The Secret Service wasn’t stopping. The militia wasn’t stopping. They weren’t leaving Americans dead in the streets. That wasn’t Trump. That wasn’t Biden. It waa the fucking police who started the riot by letting Americans die for no reason in front of a crowd of patriots. Like theres dead guys wrapped in flags and we watched you prevent help. Watch the footage. Look at why it popped off. They were like “Oh shit, we just got a guy killed for no reason, and hey, the militia is already here and pissed off anyways.” So the police started a fight.

I watched your really short video clips and, man, you seem unhinged. Viewers really can’t tell what’s going on from those clips.

Do you actually have something longer than a few seconds?


Oh please. If you want better footage, YOU go to the capital. I mean, there was a guy in a buffalo suit occupying the US capital. And you think a heart attack is fsr fetched? In fact, if you check the news, you’ll find that THREE people died in the capital march alone.

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Top notch investigatin’ son!

No, I think heart attacks are a highly likely outcome of bored retired over 60 persons suddenly deciding to make a late career change to insurrectionist cheerleader.

I’m a little shocked there weren’t more. I bet a lot more than that went home and had cardiac emergencies to be honest. That’s usually how it happens. They usually don’t collapse on the spot, they go home, edema sets in and then they die.

Those blood clots are a real bitch.

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I mean, I don’t really see people rallying around you angry over that. I see a chaotic situation where folks might have been trying to help someone but it isn’t clear that the cops caused any of that. You’re just screaming over it sounding kind of unhinged.

I never claimed thats what caused people to rally. That situation is what prompted riot police. Someone died and it caused chaos which caused the riot. I’m not saying I started the riot. That situation did. Second before it was basically a celebrity speaker area.

Edit: Also, watch the news. The chief resigned dude. They fucked up and didnt do their jobs across multiple incidents resulting in an unnecessary mass casualty event with five dead.

Dude there is no doubt the police could have done their jobs better. I’m just not sure thats what caused this so much as idiots charging inside a federal building and not expecting to get shot.

Btw did you go inside?


There was no charge on the federal building before the riot guys showed up. We’re talking about maybe 5 min between heart attack, riot response and riot in that order and location.

And of course I didnt go in. That sounds illegal.


I’ve got a cousin who was there. He was posting video and pictures. From what he was posting, it looked like a family event. Then I saw what was happening on TV and was like, is he at a different event? Lol. He said most everyone went home, but a select group, that wasn’t really with the main group, went to the capital. That’s just what he saw. They went home and didn’t experience any of the crazy stuff.

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So I was asked if I was going to attend and I said yes. I got there and it was rowdy but under control. After the heart attack it turned into a full on battle. This is what I found at first tho. Minor damage. They had the gates down but then stopped.

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How does a heart attack victim cause a riot?

How much of the protest/riot/coup did you observe?

I’ve been in a few protests that turned bad and “under control” is not a phrase I would use to describe them

Maybe you’re mixing up correlation and causation

It caused an argument over appropriate care and lead to people dying in the crowd, which further escalated an already volatile situation.

Anyways, I saw the entire thing. What am I talking about in my posts? The boogaloo, investigations and didn’t I say something about hordes of people headed to DC? It’s almost like I was paying attention the entire time. Even asked for everyone’s opinion and backup BEFORE this happened. Don’t try to tell me all about it now. Lol. Thats like me telling you to come to the throwdown, you skipping the throwdown and then coming back to tell me about my experience at the throwdown. Fuck outta here.

I didn’t factor in the initial gate incident as I was in a different area, but when I arrived it was to a celebrity speech, not a riot. It was like the Area 51 raid, but slightly more aggressive. People were still bringing their kids to hear the speakers at this point. Then heart attack and ensuing chaos over the course of maybe ten min. You seem astounded as to how deaths in your crowd can lead to a security breakdown. Ever worked a club? Think about a spilled drink and its impact on security. Now imagine your venue catches THREE BODIES. You’re gonna have a riot.

The fact that you were there invalidates your opinion. You’re a proven idiot.