Corrected: Idaho DOESN'T Issue Universal Do Not Resuscitate Order for All Hospitals, Idahoan Journalist Sucks


[See thread update, article has since been “corrected”.]

“Universal DNR Order: Adult patients hospitalized during a public health emergency, when crisis standards of care have been declared, should receive aggressive interventions; however, they should receive NO attempts at resuscitation (compressions, shocks or intubation if not yet intubated) in the event of cardiac arrest. The likelihood of survival after a cardiac arrest is extremely low for adult patients. As well, resuscitation poses significant risk to healthcare workers due to aerosolization of body fluids and uses large quantities of scarce resources such as staff time, personal protective equipment, and lifesaving medications, with minimal opportunity for benefit.”

The moral of this story is, Get the vaccine!


The vaccine has nothing to do with it. It isn’t like they are doing this for the vaccinated but not the unvaccinated, or COVID patients only. Personally I think that is scary shit.


Good luck enforcing this.

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What do you mean? The physicians aren’t going to ignore this, it is a standard practice in crisis situations and a part of triage.

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The unvaccinated are the ones overrunning hospitals.240389537_10159298079784346_6464178777236018493_n

I get that. I was just pointing out that being a responsible citizen and getting vaccinated will not keep you from being on the shit end of an involuntary DNR.


Doctors have a duty of care. Some probably take that more seriously than others.

If an Idaho hospital is not in a triage situation where doctors need to start prioritizing some patients over others. I’m sure some of them might put in a bit of extra effort. Because the beaurocrat that put out this directive is not going to be the one to look a family in the eye and explain why they did not do everything in their ability to try and help somebody’s loved one.

And if the state of Idaho wishes to try and strong arm doctors for simply acting in what they considered to be the best interest of their patient. Practicing along the lines of standardized and accepted medical practises… Fuck that beaurocrat.

Doctors should decide for themselves when triage is needed.

Also your shitty source just added this @Phrost

Correction: This editorial was updated Sunday, Sept. 19, to add context to the crisis standards for cardiac arrest. That portion of the crisis standards only becomes a factor if ventilators become scarce.


I was deliberately understating dung.

Because I’m a sarcastic jerk sometimes.

Good find.

Fucking Idaho.

Post updated.


You are welcome !

Also, moar than one source next time?

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This should have sufficed given that there can’t be more than 3 newspapers in all of Idaho; you’d expect them to be reputable.

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