Corrected: Idaho DOESN'T Issue Universal Do Not Resuscitate Order for All Hospitals, Idahoan Journalist Sucks

Good, fuck them. That many fewer anti-extremism classes I’ll have to teach.

At least my men stand for something.

Some of them will die for nothing.

All men die.

And in the grand scheme of things, the only thing we really die for, is to fertilize the ground.

But die we will, regardless of whether in our final moments, we convince ourselves to comfort ourselves, that any of it was more than a milli-moment, in a much larger, and uncaring universe.

Don’t mind me, though.

I am just passing the time, waiting for Godot.

She’s a terrible actress man.

She’s purty.



Honestly, she’s so good looking I find it impossible to be objective about her work.

She could poop on a turntable while reading the ingredients off a box of corn flakes, press the resulting stool into an object that is vaguely record shaped and I’d nominate the final product for a grammy award if I could.