Coming to terms with my homosexuality

I’ve been watching make up and hair tutorials on youtube alot lately. I don’t wear make up and I don’t have a feminine hair style but I enjoy watching these videos.

I hope @kimjonghng and @Osiris come across this thread.


Osiris was banned for a post advocating killing immigrants, but otherwise, that gray hair looks rad as hell.



Damn. Osris was an old school bullshido member and you still permabanned him.

That post was indefensible.

Im not overly comfortable with the whole no path for redemption approach adopted recently however.

Would be nice to have both @Osiris and @Dr.Gonzo back at some point.


Is watching those homosexual? im not so sure its kinda creative .

I watch allot of cooking tutorials but I guess thats because im fat.

But you never know I could watch just one too many Star Wars series on Disney + and before you know it BOOM im Gay.

They’re both heavily damaged people*.

Btw, “sieg heil” in Russian is easy, but none of you speak it, so here it is in English.

  • Signed, a Moderately Damaged Person.

Seriously you are not the one to be commenting on these situations if anyone is at all it really can’t be you :joy:

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Are you sure about that?

Remember when Gonzo tried to establish himself as Bullshido’s forensics master? And then tried to schmooze his way into the graces of some of the former JDs here? Then spent years trying to professionally defame me? One of the most trusted security pros in the world? I remember. I’d love to forget.

And when Jordan handed himself a black belt, then claimed to be Bullshido’s “cyber commander”. And told us Qanon, J6, and Putin were not threats?

Make no mistake, both colluded to try to fuck with me, especially off-site. I even created a Tutanota account to chat with Osiris, knowing full well he was working behind the scenes with idiots like William (who I had tried to collaborate with academically, but he’s fucking psycho). Because BJJ fuckwads stick together like flies and shit.

Thank God I’m so much smarter than both of them.


Also, I finally caught COVID (86-1 tests) so I’m salty today.

So don’t take it personally, but William and Jordan represent the worst of Bullshido’s membership.

The best? It’s FinalLegion’s (Dane’s) birthday. Send him some hugs on FB, if you can find him

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I know allot of that is nonsense as I watched much of it unfold here .

I’m not going to debate it with you point by point if/when Osiris and Gonzo get unbanned they can if they so wish .

The fact they are gone does not mean it’s ok to rewrite history as you see fit .

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Debate time is over. Do you really think I need to debate William’s constant criminal accusations? Or Jordan’s attempts?

I had nothing to do with either of them getting banned.

And I have been banned for a dozen silly reasons, including “trolling without a sense of humor”, but none so serious as what they did.

If only William wasn’t an egotistical BJJ moron with a black belt and “multiple PhDs”, and Jordan wasn’t a certifiable mental case (see: BPD records), we could have had nice things.

I tried in vain for years to help both of them. Over and over and over.

Alas, no nice things for our kind.

Jesus wept :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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It only took a few days for him to saddle back up.

Gave the dude the benefit of the doubt for years, had endless behind-the-scenes discussions on how to help him, and even kept him on my friends list on other platforms until—being one of the few people who still listened to him—he started making me a personal target for his unhinged crusade.

He did have a legitimate complaint about the BJJ world, but despite the fact that we repeatedly made it clear that we’ve moved beyond the martial arts to more important topics, he held Bullshido and me personally responsible for a laundry list of ridiculous shit, including human trafficking and somehow, the return of fascism.

This absolutely wasn’t an overnight thing.

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Are you saying that Gonzo claimed to have multiple Phds?

And if you are, be a good fellow and please back up that claim with some evidence.

it’s the Bullshido Way, after all, right?

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It’s interesting, because Bullshido at one time DID hold itself up as a consumer interest group in the martial arts world, going after frauds, etc. And a fair amount of that got done, as I recall. I was even involved in some of it (mostly Judo stuff,where I actually had some useful knowledge).


We genuinely did. But then, forums used to be the default social media platform rather than Facebook/Twitter/Reddit, and most of our activism on that depended and operated via crowd sourcing.

Combined with me doing a stint on active duty, the diminished interest in actual effective investigations (rather than just making fun of sad, lonely dudes with delusions), and the emerging threat of weaponizing people’s media, statistical, and scientific illiteracy, the board decided to widen our focus to include more topics and put less emphasis on what is a relatively tiny, niche hobby.

You of course know this, but posting it here for the benefit of those who don’t, as a matter of editorial transparency.

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Thanks for keeping me honest, Master Potato.

I was wrong; it was multiple masters degrees.

One of those was in a field I play for blood. And this is a guy whose Facebook profile is him proudly standing over a dead boar.

He picked the wrong animal this time.

I was vacationing in Aruba when I got him to admit he endorsed Jordan’s black belt, on record. Someone he has never met. You can’t do that. Or else black belts are meaningless.

Is your black belt meaningless? I don’t think so. Judo never had this bullshit problem, did it.

Then I should interest you to know that when Jordan gave himself a black belt in BJJ, and went on a rampage against Bullshido publicly, even Kiwi Farms trolls here felt compelled to chime in. Chum in the water.

Then they came after me. Oops.

I fucked them hard for that shit. Chris Pratt 0030 hard. Lasers in the dark.

In response, Jordan called me a “glown***er”, here.

That’s terrorist chatter.

Good clarification, yeah, I was aware.

I’ve got no beef with the new direction, would not matter if I did. Things really kind of culminated with the Tripp blowup and rage quit.