Chiropractic is dumb and so are you for using it

I get it, nobody likes to admit that they got scammed because they were ignorant of something, especially people who have some status or prestige on the line for doing so as do many people in the combat sports, martial arts, or fitness world have with regard to their own knowledge of human kinesiology and anatomy. So instead of owning up to it, they’ll argue until they’re blue in the face that everyone else is wrong, especially the actual experts, and their anecdotal personal lived experience is right.

I don’t have the minutes or the crayons to explain to some people why chiropractic is boiled garbage at the moment so just watch this video if you haven’t had your attention span rotted out of your brain by TikTok. Maybe later in the week I’ll break it down Barney style for the paint-eating crowd who can’t listen to a respected MD explain things in greater detail.

(This guy, whoever he is, deserves to have his tires flattened every morning before he drives to his “clinic”.)


I don’t think that is a real baby…

Still don’t get your hard on for them.

Watch the video.

The image compression makes it look shiny.

Proabably is.

My wife took my first son to some stupid shit like this for a few weeks.

The women was charging £60 a session and my wife believed it was going to help him sleep through the night.

He was 1

I went with her the 3rd week and could not contain my laughter at the stupid pointless shit this women was doing.

She was obliviously concoius that you dont want to do anything significant to a baby or you could harm them so she was kind of putting her finger gently on his chest and moving it whilst barely touching it.

My wife got really embarresed and I appologised to the women for laughing and explained that I couldnt see how it could effect him in anyway and she defended it by saying “he has definitely improved since the first visit” by then my wife was mortified so I didnt push anymore I just smiled picked my son up and left.

My wife looked at me in the car and said " so I wont bother booking that for next week then "

Truth is she regretting taking me because she loves this shit, Antony Robbins, Chiropractors homeopathy the whole shibang and I shit on it all as soon as i find it in my house until it disappears.

Now my wife is not dumb in fact she is far more intelligent than I , speaks 4 languages fluent enough to transact business and contracts and has a masters degree in international communications.

The thing is and the reason I do let some shit slide is that she is not really interested in the facts sometimes these things just make her feel better.

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Yeah, and everyone’s marriage is a foreign country and all that, but from a broader perspective that attitude is one of the reasons this shit persists at a large enough scale to actually hurt people.

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That said however bullshit that has taken 40yrs to collect does not always take 40 minutes to clean up.

1 turd at a time.

The herbalife and zohar have to leave today but for now the scented feng shui candles can stay.

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Just relabel some Febreeze spray as Feng Shui spray.

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Do they actually make Feng shuay spray, and people buy it?

I put all the essential oil cleaning products the wife bought in the garbage. I said it gave me headaches. When it just did a shit job of cleaning anything.

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Seriously bro how long do you have to be here watching people time after time spend 10yrs of their life paying somebody to train them to make a persons heart explode in their body after touching their nipple before you realize that there is enough idiots out their to buy absolutely any item of bullshit one could imagine, label and sell.

“Contains Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus, Spirits of Camphor, Witch Hazel and Distilled Water.”

Ha, almost the same exact ingredients as Defense Soap.

Eucalyptus and camphor (e.g. Vick’s Vaporub) are both commonly used for respiratory relief, although as typically distributed by diffusers in the form of terpenes, they may cause increased bronchial overstimulation at certain levels.

Witch hazel works wonders on hemorrhoids, but I don’t think I’d want to breathe it.

Feng Shui is essentially nothing more than a home and garden aesthetic rooted in geometry.

But add marketing and New Age hooey on top and it becomes both a dessert topping AND a floor wax.

I’m touching my nipple right now

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How much overlap do you think there is between the two groups?

I get it. They’re fake physicians, peddling fake medicine. I’m on the same page.

Best case scenario they don’t provide a real medical service. Worst case scenario, someone gets seriously hurt because their “treatment” exacerbated or directly caused a serious injury.

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There’s at least one chiropractor in this thread, iirc. Would that one care to rebut any points from the article / OP?

I disagree with the best case them not providing service. Best case they fix X joint.

I’m curious about Phrost’s double standard. Psych does the same shit, but actively hunts their victims. And they have and have had have concentration camps. So why the double standard is all, especially when chiropractors tend not to beat people to death?

Quick question. Do you consider hospitals to be concentration camps for sick people?

Only when they kill people or violate human and civil rights.