Chess dot com can suck rotten eggs

I don’t even know where to put this. I was just banned.

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The world lover givers and winners.

I didn’t even say “fuck off and die you mother fuckers.” But, I did send a follow-up support request.


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How do you get banned from playing chess?

I didn’t even get to play chess!

I may have been a tad evocative in my support request. No physical offense intended, BUT FUCKING SUCK MY BALLS YOU LEACHES.

How do you get banned from a site that you just got to, for the first time ever? And, want to hook up with friends. And destroy all Big Blue or any human that wants to rule the full 64?

I’ve gotten progressive bans from Wow Classic for just being so awesome at the PVP, people report me as a bot.

My sons have been trolling me for the latest 30 day ban, based on Blizzard’s errant AI “evidence”.

One solution.

Natural charm. Yeah. Works like that for me too.

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I say we troll the fuckers!

I’m in. Username Submessenger.


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I never even got to play chess with my friend. Fucking morons.

I can’t even message support. They’re just like “nope.”


So, last night, Moosey said “hey, anyone want to play chess” and I was like “sure.” And I signed up, and the shit was just broken as fuck, and so I was trying to get into a game with him. That’s how this started. I’m not a long-term member of that site, they just basically instabanned me, for complaining via PM that their shit is broken as fuck.

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Must find new username.

Hungry Ho?

Dirk Diggler is probably not taken.


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Call me Kingstupido

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Strategy meeting

What’s the objective?