British physicians report that they are pressured to prematurely diagnose gender dysphoria and over prescribe trans medical treatments for children

There is a growing number of physicians and researchers in the British national health service, that have reported that they have been pressured to prescribe gender transition therapies in medically inappropriate ways, and to over diagnose gender dysphoria prematurely, without exploring other mental health possibilities, and whether the children were acting out of peer and social pressures.

In response, a major set of gender transition clinics have been closed down out of safety concerns, and the British health service is changing its guidelines on how children who may request, or their families may request trans related medical treatments, are assessed, and treated.

Link to the interim report below:

Is trans affirmative care the latest in a long line of over prescription fads for children,
following in the footsteps of the over prescription of ADD, ADHD medicines,
anti-depressants and other psych medicines for children,
that often do little or no better than placebo,
and sometimes cause harm,
Because the Psychology industry is not any more reliable,
than the theology industry when it comes to reliability
in assessing and treating mental well being?

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What a delightfully vague and meaningless sentence

1 yesterday, 2 today would satisfy this statement

How many? What percentage of doctors and researchers does this entail?

Doctors prescribing inappropriate treatment sounds like bad doctoring

Perhaps they should become data scientists where anyone can make stuff up and not have to prove it

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Read the report, I just started. It will take a while.

It’s an initial report, research is ongoing, and, the report is not “transphobic”.

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That was the response to the investigation by the Gender Identity Development service, which is the national specialist service.

It was echoed by the Multi-Professional Review Group:

"the Multi-Professional Review Group (MPRG),
set up by NHS England to ensure
that procedures for assessment and for
informed consent have been properly
followed, has stated that the following areas
require consideration:

● From the point of entry to GIDS there
appears to be predominantly an
affirmative, non-exploratory approach,
often driven by child and parent
expectations and the extent of social
transition that has developed due to the
delay in service provision.

● From documentation provided to the
MPRG, there does not appear to be a
standardised approach to assessment or
progression through the process, which
leads to potential gaps in necessary
evidence and a lack of clarity.

● There is limited evidence of mental
health or neurodevelopmental
assessments being routinely
documented, or of a discipline of formal
diagnostic or psychological formulation.

Many of those issues were previously reported by the Care Quality Commission in 2020, as well.

See the quotes above. The parents and children pressure the doctors, and many of the responding physicians, staff, and researchers, responded to the investigation that they feared censure or retribution if they raised objections.

The investigation team included physicians, and data scientists.

Data Scientists, Statisticians and Mathematicians are the ones that assess if the results and methodologies of all other academic research are sufficient for the findings to qualify as evidence, or are flawed in their methodology, significant, or not significant statistically, etc.

The purpose of the Data Scientists, Statisticians and Mathematicians, is precisely to point out, when someone is passing off flim flam as if it was evidence, when it is not sufficient to qualify as reliable evidence.

I am questioning your typically dishonest representation of the report

You may question all you like.
Questioning is encouraged.
Also, I posted the report, for people to read, and question it, and comment on it.
Including it’s limitations.
So, please do, and enjoy yourself, while reading it, if you choose to actually read it.

Dude, he’s quoting from the report. How is that a dishonest representation? I think it’s more likely that you do not like what the reports findings are, and are attacking the messenger, here.

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Here is what I said:

Here is what the report said:
“Some secondary care providers told us that their training and professional standards dictate that when working with a child or young person they should be taking a mental health approach to formulating a differential diagnosis of the child or young person’s problems. However, they are afraid of the consequences of doing so in relation to gender distress because of the pressure to take a purely affirmative approach. Some clinicians feel that they are not supported by their professional body on this matter. Hence the practice of passing referrals straight through to GIDS is not just a reflection of local service capacity problems, but also of professionals’ practical concerns about the appropriate clinical management of this group of children and young people.”

And the report also stated:
" GPs have expressed concern about being pressurised to prescribe puberty blockers or feminising/masculinising hormones after these have been initiated by private providers.

This also links to professional concerns about parents being anxious for hormone treatment to be initiated when the child or young person does not seem ready."

REad the report yourself. We know you can at least read.

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