Boogaloo Bullshit

Stimulus time, and that means its time to buy more gear. Here’s some of the gear I tested, so you don’t waste money.

Total Bullshit:

150$ Night Vision. It’s a product so bad they should be ashamed to have brought it to market. You are literally better off with a cheap camera with a night vizion setting. What a 150$ night vision display does is give you a shitty, featureless camera with no IR filter. Standard mounts put it at a diagonal so now you’re looking through a blurry rectangle with 2x zoom. It requires illumination though so not only will you be blind, you’ll be very visible to anyone else.

Paintball Goggles: GOGGLES

Mostly Bullshit:

Chinesium helmets. These are interesting. For 50 bucks you get a plastic mich b replica that doesn’t really fit your headgear. It falls right off. For 100 bucks, you get the real Chinesium. Tough, heavy and sturdy, the safety rating is dubious as fuck. Worth buying especially to mount your gear, but I’d have to say its more sensible to spend the 5-15 on a real helmet.

The same goes for body armor. Gets you bullshit, a standard issue vest or armor strong enough to stop a fifty call. You never know.

Somewhat Bullshit:

Digital Night Vision: This shit is actually fucking cool and the only drawback is the lag. It’s worth about what it costs, but the lag can be disorienting. Buy if you need it. If you have the cash though, skip and go g2 or 3. Don’t buy g1 though.

Steel Armor: So, it does block bullets. But comes with two major drawbacks. One, spalling. Now, in defense of steel armor, plate carriers do catch a lot of spall. Still… metal shards in the face and neck isn’t good. Two. That bitch is HEAVY. I found that the weight of the armor became annoying after a few hours in the field with a full it. I can move in it, but a lighter armor option would’ve been ideal.

Pro tip: Don’t buy any of this bullshit and don’t attend events where you’d need it. Stimulus cheque saved.


So stay in 2019. Gotcha…

What normal person is going to need any of this stuff?

Most people have never been to a riot. Most have no desire to participate in that kind of drunken jackassery.

If you can tangibly feel that stimulus check then you certainly don’t need to waste your money on any of this stuff.

I’d argue that the trouble with the police you mentioned before is reason #1 to stay the heck away from these things. Reason #2 is staying away from the rioting idiots necessitating head protection. The presence of the idiots makes problems with the cops even worse.


Sounds about what we use for a good gellballing day out.

Which is Australian loophole airsoft.

Admittedly i just use bunnings goggles though.

A few things, before I even get to these inane responses. (actually none of this warrants an individual response)

First off, bullshido has plenty of gun threads, but has notably lacked armor threads. The same “But how often do you use them?” applies. And much like your gun, if your armor sucks and you DO need it, you’re fucking dead, making it exactly the sort of issue bullshido should educate you on. Is there martial arts involved? Is there bullshit involved? Then we bout it. Take the Capitol police for instance. There are dead cops because they bought bullshit gear, never tried it or trained with it and and they got run down on.

Second, civil unrest was easily predicted hence the weapons sales. With so many indicators of a coming conflict up to an including perhaps civil war or world war, buying equipment makes sense. Not buying equipment is stupid.

Third, I’d rather be in the dojo teaching, but I fell victim to a smear campaign, and there are only so many alternative martial arts jobs. Security and intelligence is about it. So thats what I do.

I’ll also point out that bullshido events often result in violence.

You made a humorous thread about ‘total bullshit kit’ and you’re surprised that people aren’t taking it seriously?

If people want to buy knock-off military gear and pretend that they’re freedom fighters or SJW’s or whatever, that’s fine but to think that this is prepping for civil breakdown is farcical. Anyone going toward any form of civil disobedience, regardless of how righteous they think it is, is asking for trouble.

Fair enough if someone’s home or business is swept up in it but the answer to that is to lock up and lay low. To go out on the streets in what amounts to larping gear is insane.

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I made a serious thread in a light hearted tone about equipment which could get you killed. Much like a bullshit or deficient martial art.

It’s also not larping gear. Thus far at least a dozen (insider reports say more) have been killed in the boogaloo. One man died right in front of me. The terrorists have guns, explosives, night vision, lasers and drones and are hunting federal agents.

It’s real out here.

“The terrorists”

What terrorists?

Didn’t that person have a heart attack while trying to overrun a police line?

So far “the terrorists” seem to be the cause and primary victim of their own stupid bullshit.

Plausible solution: Stay out of the stupid bullshit.


The guy that died was killed with a flashbang while peacefully protesting. I was there hunting Antifa who was also there. When you hunt terrorists, all sorts of shit happens. I’m glad I had my training and equipment, as a lot of people died or were severely injured during the battle.

It’s how I make a living bro. It’s what the Academy does.

My drone could totally shoot that one down. You’re not a REAL drone pilot until you’ve rigged your Mavic Pro with a 9mm.

Downside: firing uses up the battery faster because the drone needs to keep re-stabilizing.

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So that sounds an awful lot like police hardware.

If what you said is accurate, that sounds like wrongful death territory.

I don’t understand you at all. That’s a serious civil suit, if not felony manslaughter or homicide.

Man, it sounds like you’ve been out there hunting snipe while really serious crimes are happening directly under your nose.

What battle are you talking about? How does one make a living as a civilian going to clashes with the police?

I haven’t identified a profit angle in anything you are doing. If anything it sounds like a lot of risky behavior with no possible payoff unless you are being paid to clash with the police while you go to riots. What security? This isn’t a business I’ve ever heard of.

Who is paying you to “hunt terrorists”?

I’m getting the feeling that you need to see a mental health professional.


Wtf is wrong with you.

I don’t believe for one second that you have done any of that.

Please stop making silly shit up.

What this man said. The internet is no place for shenanigans, exaggerations, or anything of the sort. It is serious business for serious people.

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“Man, it sounds like you’ve been out there hunting snipe while really serious crimes are happening directly under your nose.”

Duh? Do you think they hang out at the Ikea?

“Who is paying you to “hunt terrorists”?”

The Intergalactic Bureau of Investigations, duh.

But seriously, I just took my security business elsewhere while the clubs were closed.

And you felt the substandard gear was responsible?

If it is any consolidation I saw a guy take a gell ball to the eye through his sub standard goggles.

I have seen the elephant too.

By the way. Dishwashing liquid is supposed to work to wash off pepper spray.

I will hunt down the brand of my riot gloves I use. Witch are those rubber palm cut resistant material jobs that are super dexterous. Speaking of PPE those things are the tits.

I felt substandard training and equipment, and lack thereof, are a good chunk of the issue with the deaths.

It makes sense if people are dying from things like flash bangs or whatever.

I have worked a few protests here and there. We even used to carry a change of clothes to slip in and out.

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