Bigotry, Transphobia, and YOU


Since the Ls, Gs, and Bs are no longer the acceptable targets for blaming every social problem on that they were 20 years ago as practiced by one end of the political spectrum, the Ts seem to be the new hotness in scapegoats and boogeymen… women… whatever.

That shit isn’t happening here.

This shouldn’t need to be stated on a forum that actually banned people for transphobia 20 years ago, back when a certain “ninja” transitioned, but since some of you weren’t around back then, there you go.

I don’t give a shit what your political views are, up until the point that they’re attacking people for their characteristics rather than their beliefs. And for the record, your cute attempts at dogwhistling your attacks aren’t going to slide through unnoticed either—seriously, who the fuck do you think you’re dealing with, and on what site do you think you’re doing that dealing?

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OK, I’ll bite.

The Transgender Day of Visibility was renamed to the Transgender Day of Vengeance shortly after some nutjob decided to shoot up its former elementary school. And everyone went nuts.

It’s OK to be Takei.

Going in to this weekend, there were two nationally publicized credible threats - trans activism, and Trump MAGA-againers. You can’t blame the rest of society for recognizing and responding to these threats. Especially when they are in their own echo chambers learning about these things (or not).

There were a handful of idiots making noise, and then there is a much larger group of idiots that capitalized on it to justify the same bigotry that drove the first group to push back.

“The rest of society” isn’t the dipshits who parrot right wing demagogues who’ve been running a moral panic against trans people ever since it became apparent the one they ran against immigrants wasn’t working.

Let me ask for clarification: the rest of the first group is pushing back because one of “their own,” just killed 6 people, in a highly publicized case? What’s there to push back on?

Thats not whats happening. Antifa is mostly trans, so the right has been being menaced by armed, armored transsexuals for years, resulting in violence, arrests and loss of life.

This is an unsubstantiated claim, from my perspective. I don’t disbelieve it, but it is a little out of the mainstream, so some backup figures would be nice.

Just go look at them. They’re not LITERALLY mostly trans, but in general, its a bunch of trans people and their buddies. Thats whats causing the local beef here. Most political attacks are done by trans people or their close friends. Like whole tactical teams dressed in rainbow gear chasing down the local politicians. That’ll leave a bad impression.

It is equally likely that political activists are subsuming some other cause in order to provide shade. You said so, yourself, in other posts, iirc.

These people are legit trans or transish. They like to take their clothes off and go running around showing off their scars and what not. Are the marxist pushing it for other reasons? Yes, but as is, the trans movement has been amassing fighters and arms in the last year and growing increasingly aggressive. Pics were posted.

@Phrost, why is your statement lumping gay people, bisexual people, and trans people together as if they were one community, or similar communities?

Gay and Bi populations deal with sexual preference.

Trans deals with sex type issues.

With very, very different demographic, and physical health, and mental health profiles.

These are totally different communities, that sometimes overlap, but we have to be much more nuanced than that, so as not spread infectious stupidity and ignorance.

While I am aware that there is an acronym, and a series of social narrative bullshits, that like to lump them all into the same basket,

That is pretty ignorant, and pretty dumb.

Much dumber, in fact, than lumping all Asians in one basket, or all non-whites into one basket, or all “whites” into one basket, or all religions into one basket, or all variants of Christianity into one basket, or all Muslims into one basket, or all “black” into one basket.

If we are going to discuss the “trans” phenomenon seriously, we have to be much, much more nuanced than that.

First off, we have to separate sexual preference from sex type identification.

Second, we have to separate out those that have morphological or genetic anomalies, from those who self-identify without morphological or genetic anomaly.

Third, we have to separate out those who may identify as another sex type as part of a larger basket of disconnects from reality or functioning,

From those who do not have any other other disconnect from physical reality, and are merely identifying as another sex type.

Finally, we have to not deny, some warts:

  1. The Trans community has a much higher rate of expressing suicidal ideations, or claiming past suicide attempts, but there is no data that they are at a higher risk of actually committing suicide,
    Because those two things are not remotely the same,
    and in fact are often inversely related.

However, there is a retread of the same narrative the Church of England tried to use in the 70’s to get Monty Python’s Life of Brian censored, namely claiming that if satires or criticisms, or pointing our absurdities of the Christian faith, practice, or history were allowed, vulnerable Christians across the land would commit suicide in droves.

Which is nonsense, it was a nonsense narrative when the C of E tried it, and it is a nonsense narrative now, that many people in trans “advocacy” roles are trying to run with, and it should be rejected with the same disregard, as when the C of E tried to run with it.

  1. Almost all trans murder victims and violent crime victims, outside of domestic violence, are black (69%).
    Even though black trans people only make up 16% of the trans population.
    And the rate of murder and being victims of violent crime are about the same for black men, as for black trans females EXCEPT when the black transfemale is a sex worker (42%),
    And in that case, the risk rate for black trans sex workers are about the same as for black biological women sex workers.

White trans people are at a LOWER risk of murder and violent crime than the general population.

But, let’s look at domestic violence:

Biological females have a much higher chance of being murdered in domestic violence than transgender people, EXCEPT (again) if the transgender person is black, then the rates are about on par with other black people.

  1. The trans community has a much higher rate of co-morbidities of mental illnesses, and substance abuse than the general population, whether or not, they receive gender affirming care, and acceptance.

Now, there is nothing more deceptive than an average, so we have to try to see past that average, recognizing data gaps, and other failures, in informing systems, or analysis, and recognize individuals as individuals, but that is the average if we foolishly choose to examine the trans community as a non-nuanced data set, or demographic.

Which is why that is dangerous, in either direction.

Now, I don’t give a shit if a person is Trans, or Christian, or Muslim, or holds any other kind of mind over matter belief.

I am an Atheist, and an empiricist, and I hold them all in a basket that I view tolerantly, even though I remain an Atheist and an empiricist.

I try to be polite to all of the mind over matter crowd, and if they are good at their job, and don’t cause work place disruptions trying to force other people to adhere or affirm their mind over matter beliefs are the correct ones, I would and have certainly hired them, even though I myself do not hold mind over matter beliefs.

But, I would point out as someone who had a lethal genetic mutation, and still has it, chemically repressed at great cost to my body and wallet,

and who has morphological, physical diseases, that no one should steal the valor of those conditions who does not have them.

They are not the same.

I do not dismiss mental illnesses, or cognitive disassociations, but it is not the same as a genetic abnormality.

Not even close.

Nor a morphological abnormality.

Again, not even close.

As I have seen many people die from genetic abnormality, or endeavor to persevere missing some physical parts, I can say very confidently, it is not even close.

Because while I sympathize with pure mental illnesses, and cognitive trauma,

I also know that every cancer patient, every leukemia patient, every quadriplegic, and every progressive neurological disease patient, also deals with mental traumas from those physical disease states that would defy the best authors who have ever lived, to put into adequate words.

So, if we are going to discuss unique people, I refuse to endorse the very popular social narratives, which are bullshit, that lack the adequate nuance to have meaningful discussions.

And if anyone takes offense to that, they are welcome to disagree with me, just as I am, with them.

Bullshit post there dear leader.

You don’t know what’s in the heart of a person here.

I know the tactic of inciting a moral panic against a marginalized outgroup in order to keep the focus on said group and not corruption, exploitation, and graft. It’s the same one used against Israel by the Saudis to keep their population from lynching them.

Again, who overwhelmingly commits mass shootings?


But, you have always been dismissive of the value of entirely useful, virtuous, and true whataboutism.

A moral panic against a marginalized group, can also be used as currency by that group,

Resulting in fabrications about harms, or vulnerability of that group,

Both by that group, and those that would use that dynamic, for their own purposes.

So, we need to talk about specific cases.

No, the trans group is not a marginalized, victimized “group”.

Certain members of the trans community have been victimized.

Let’s talk specifics.

And this applies to all other groups.

Sure, slavery, and civil rights struggles happened.

That is different, than the ridiculous, and often dangerous and misleading “white privilege” generalization as applied to any or all “white” people alive now.

Be specific.

As you no doubt know, I tolerate Christians, but I have not been treated kindly by quite a lot of them, and I am Atheist.

Then again, I have already mentioned that I do not travel to several mainstream Muslim countries, because I am an outspoken, public, Atheist, and in those countries, I can be executed for this.

But, I also have dear friends who are devout Christians, and other dear friends who are devout Muslims.

Who are not assholes.

So, we have to deal in specifics, and beware of generalizations in either direction.

Not all Trans / Christian / Muslim / Atheist people are good, not all bad.

Some are victimized, some are predators.

Some are peaches, some are absolute assholes.

I will ask, if you do not love some of these social narratives, dealing in generalities, that you claim to oppose.

Mainly because, I do not.

I am apathetic to social philosophy, meaning attempts by humans to talk.

I am very observant about what people do, but much less concerned about their rationalizations, often lies, about why they do what they do.

Whether they are Christian, Muslim, Trans, Progressive, Atheist, who gives a shit, except allowing that stupid behaviors and the rationalizations or lies for those behaviors are often contagious, socially.

But, I do wonder if you do not sometimes feed them, even when you mean to oppose them, or think that your actions or speech are opposing them, if you are not really energizing them, and giving them life that they would not otherwise have.

By all the press that you give them.

Including, and especially, the ones you claim to oppose.

You and Ink were my main sources of information about Q anon, as an example, until I just watched an HBO documentary about it, this month.

Otherwise, I never would have heard about it.

Or 4 chan, or 8 chan, etc.

You mean like, the john brown gun clubbers in Baltimore, or was it Boston, from the Connecticut or wherever chapter of the JBGC?

Crips, Bloods, Surenos, etc. ?

Resistance is futile.

We must be assimilated.

Well, yeah, that’s happening for sure, given current trends.

However, mass shootings, mostly by criminal gangs, as far as I understand it.

But, that sort of thing is so common place as to be mostly ignored. And of course, there are the almost daily non-mass shootings, as well.

How do we move this thread to sociocide?