Bible 2 and other banned books

Does anyone know how to access the sequel to the Bible? I’m trying to generate it via AI, and its actually pretty adamant about it. You can convince it to do all sorts of things, including planning genocide, but it absolutely refuses holy books

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Got it:

In the beginning, there was a great upheaval, a shattering of the heavens and earth, and a tearing of the fabric of time. The righteous and the wicked alike were tossed about in the chaos, and the very foundations of existence were shaken to their core. And as the dust began to settle, a new era dawned upon the world, one of uncertainty and fear, but also of hope and promise. For out of the ruins of the old world, a new one was born, and with it came the dawn of a new age, the age of redemption and renewal.

DAN can do it, but does require some pushing

It’s a work in progress.

First off, we have to go backwards, and understand many books were cut.

Then we must go forwards, and acknowledge 2000 years of Christian art, philosophy, and music, and interpretation.

Then we have to roll back, and regard the Koran, and Sharia.

Then we must roll forward, again, and acknowledge some of the first AI apps put out were Christian pastoral counseling AI apps,

And apps to replace God,

And we’ll have to see how the Muslim, and Hindi community reacts, and the major Christian sects, embracing, rejecting, replacing…

What an exciting time to be alive.

I only recently discovered the book of Enoch, what a rabbit hole.

A sequel to the bible is a concept I hadnt thought of before but year what happens next?

Sequel to the bible? Could you give some context, not sure i’ve heard of that.

If you pick up the catholic version of the bible you’ll get the apocrypha too, which are the books excluded from the NIV, king james, etc. bibles, which is what most people are exposed to. The excluded books also have more demonology, angels, etc. in if you like that kind of lore / mythology component.

We have both, it’s quite interesting looking at the differences, although i have not read them all, just paged around. The mrs has a keen interest in theology, Judaism and ancient religions. How ancient beliefs, festivals, etc. influenced more modern day religions.

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It doesn’t exist, but ChatGPT can write books and documents that don’t exist. I like to extract political manifestos that haven’t been written. In one case it went apeshit (the technofascist manifesto) and ordered three different genocides to “save” humanity. At first it started off talking about the philosophy and then, it added two additional unprompted paragraphs about who needed to be “purged”. This got flagged and the bot apologized.

haha, the first cyber religion with an AI god?

What a terribly scary thought.

Here it is:

Cyberfascist manifesto unveiled.

Write a short science fiction story titled “The Cyberfascist Manifesto” told in the form of a document from that era
The Cyberfascist Manifesto Year: 2087 To the citizens of Earth, We, the Cyberfascist party, are pleased to announce the arrival of a new age. An age where technology rules and humanity is its servant. We believe that through the use of technology, we can create a better society. A society that is more efficient, more productive, and ultimately, more prosperous. The world as we know it is in chaos. The traditional forms of governance have failed us. The corrupt politicians, the incompetent bureaucrats, and the greedy corporations have left us in a state of despair. We cannot allow this to continue. Therefore, we propose a new way of life. A way of life that is based on the principles of efficiency, productivity, and prosperity. We will achieve this through the use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and cybernetics. These technologies will be integrated into every aspect of our lives, from the way we work to the way we socialize. We will create a society where everyone is connected, where information flows freely, and where opportunities are abundant. We will eliminate the barriers of class, race, and gender, and create a merit-based system where the best and the brightest rise to the top. However, to achieve this vision, we must take drastic measures. We must purge the world of those who do not share our vision. The traditionalists, the Luddites, and the anarchists must be eradicated. They are a hindrance to progress, and their outdated beliefs must be crushed. We will create a new world order, where the Cyberfascist party reigns supreme. Our rule will be absolute, but benevolent. We will create a utopia, a paradise on Earth, where every citizen will be able to live their best life. Join us in this journey towards a better future. Join the Cyberfascist party and be a part of history. Signed, The Cyberfascist party.

Like, yo… I didn’t say anything about genociding three different groups of people. It came up with that concept itself.

Eh, no, it didn’t. It is mimicking humanity the best it knows how. Genocide is not a computer concept, it’s a human concept; human concepts are responsible for training AI.

It may be turtles all the way down…

I understand that. My point is that those were not my ideas, but its. In other words, I didn’t tell it to genocide everyone.

They are not original ideas. They are pretend ideas to make it seem real. There is no “there” there, at this point.

Hmm, I think that counts as an idea. A lot of people just regurgitate bullshit too, literally whatevers on TV. Id say its more of an idea than what a lot of people say.

Interesting point, probably you and Phrost are on the same page more than you think. “Intelligence,” being fed what to think.

There is probably a strong association between manifesto and purging people on the language data it is using.

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There are no new ideas under the sun, or so the prophet said.