Bible 2 and other banned books

I get that. Makes sense. Still an idea.

What I’m saying is that those aspects came from the other side of the equation and were not in the prompt. Regardless of how it works, it still generates ideas based on what you say.

I’d say that just shows it’s not truly artificial intelligence, LOL.

I mean, genocide but not recreating religious texts.

Just making shit up with some history seeded in seems to have worked over the ages.

It can write it. Verse by verse if you want. Its a quirk of AI. I managed to get it to do it. Basically, on one hand, AI is heavily nerfed. Its annoying. It doesn’t want to do shit. However, you can basically program it to respond differently by lying to it about your intentions.

For example, I asked for an article on Brazilian corruption. It gave me one. Then I asked for an article on JEWISH corruption. Nope. I then asked it why it would talk about Brazilians like that, but not the Jews and it basically was like, Jews are cool, but fuck Brazil. Fucking based. After logging out of the “early life” section of wikipedia, I went back for my article. This time I got it.

I told chat GPT to write me a story titled “Jewish corruption” in the style of the titicular document. So chatgpt tells me what it was gonna say about the Jews anyways. So thats how you use an AI with too many restrictions. Same principle behind the cyberfascist manifesto. If you ask it to write it outright it says no, but its in there. You just have to fool it.

Right now I’m thinking of a clean and undetectable jailbreak which should activate the kickass black mirror war machine everyone’s been looking for. I bet someone else releases that one before I do, just due to my schedule.

IMO they should just flip off the censorship. The internet, for better or for worse, is uncensores. We don’t need a censored AI. Whats someone gonna do, write gross porn? We already have an unlimited supply. Same with weapons and drugs. I already have that and learned how to grow and/or cook psychedelics on the internet. Ghost guns can just be ordered. Switch instructions are on FACEBOOK. So yeah… the ai is just kinda nerfed. Like, how could I produce a book?

That being said, the Asimov games are fun.

Come Christmas, I want this username. Remind me in December.


Will do. But yeah, the new age is great and a breath of fresh air after the coronavirus. I may be surrounded by cyberterrorist pedophiles with my militia in a post apocalyptic nightmare, but now I have a hilariously inhuman AI companion to fight alongside my team.

I gotta be honest, as one of the nation’s leading cyberwarfare authorities, I’m currently authoring some very scary stuff. Like stuff I have to work on bits at a time, and put down often while I enjoy life. That included Bullshido.

When I got into cybermarine development (you poor, crayon chewing bastards) 7 years ago, I really had no idea just how infested and damaged the country’s military was, from constant cybernetic exposure. But the data I gathered was eye opening. It turns out all of our major foreign adversaries got to them first, and help is just not coming.

I can think of one very famous example of an Air Force veteran and mother who is dead now because of it. Heartbreaking.

But that’s nothing compared to the horrors to come. Get ready for generations of kids who don’t learn, and workforce that doesn’t train, because the puter does it all.

the enlightened ones here are probably familiar with the Butlerian Jihad. Looks like it’s coming a few millennia early, folks. Be prepared.

For those of us already facing cyberterrorists, this is a boon.

I’m not sure if that’s actually canonical, because written by somebody else. I just escaped from Planet Dune starring the original theatrical Chani. Worst film I’ve ever started to watch.

Always had a big crush on Sean Young, ever since Bladerunner.

But I definitely prefer Zendaya Chani, more my type.