Best wing chun instructor

In your opinion who is the best wing chun inatructor if any

There is no way of telling.

Which is the issue with wing chun.

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Then why comment lol

Because that is my stance on the matter.

There is no way to tell is still a legitimate answer.

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Master Wong is Entertaining.

He seems like he would be good company at parties.

PP Grasshopper

Because you wanted to see yourself post

Serious answer.

I’m not really that familiar with the chun, or kungfu in general. But speaking generally, if you find a school that has students who regularly enter fighting tournaments (what are the kickpunching tournaments for kungfu called? Sanda?) and do okay, then it’s probably a better school than many.

Also look for a school that engages in sparring with fully resisting opponents with a decent level of contact, not just “he does this, so you do that and then he falls over”.

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You are right but what do you think about David Wong.

I don’t know him.

Wait. Don’t just sook at me like a Dr Gonzo.

You tell me how my statement is wrong.

I take time to teach you routinely.
I am rather generous with you, that way.
I am sometimes blunt about it, when you are willfully ignorant.
But, you wasted most of your life, when it comes to learning how to critically think, or learning how the world works, by doing easy and unchallenging things (like working in a pub like a 20 year old, for 20 years), when it came, and comes to your mental development, and (lack of) education.
You could of done something more challenging mentally, but you chose not to, and that was your choice.

See mider. Don’t do that.


You just like the sound of your own voice

If that were the case, I do not lack for in person rooms, that are full or would be full, that would be listening keenly to my every word, and doing what I say.
But, no, I don’t care about the sound of my voice.

I rest my case

Then your closing argument, was poorly made, or not made at all.

Do continue with your legal analysis

[Puts on noise canceling headphones]

I agree, there are a few schools who spar and even add MMA into it. Sadly many are still just doing slap fighting

may I see these?