Best wing chun instructor

Justin Och in FL, Jimmy Manfredy, Dominick Izzo is pretty good but he’s not MMA


I want to start a street fighting gang called The Chun Lords. We will roam the streets dealing out damage and justice with wing Chun king Fu street tactics

The guardian angels have already done that.

The best Wing Chun instructor is the one whose students have won actual fights—at least in MMA.

So… nobody?

Ahh. Who’s alt (or teenager) is this?

As someone who has previously watched his content, I do not see him as much above the usual. He’s a confident speaker sure, but I don’t see much outside of the ‘this is how a non resisting attacker can be dealt with’ unless he’s upped his game post pandemic

Alan orr. Has a fight team.

The Wing Chun that increases my skill also TRIPLES my strength!

But seriously with wing Chun there are so many deadly techniques of simultaneously attacking and defense that the list is endless

With wing Chun you can Taylor it to yourself and become a one man military

Do you fight in low stances and use distinct animal hand movements?

I’m wing Chun king. I’m trying to find my queen :crown::sparkling_heart:!!!