Ben Philips was MURDERED

When I told you guys about the death of Ben Philips on January 6th, I was met with a lot of skepticism and claims that I was misrepresenting the story. Here is the incident from another perspective with a description of what happened and alternate video. You can see me at the end of the first Ben Philips video running behind the group in a trench coat.

Capitol Offense: The Ugly Truth Behind The Five Deaths From January 6th and 7th —

You have to stop trying to make facts match the narrative and make the narrative match the facts. Otherwise you’re full of shit.

Murdered by his own grease loaded, fat strangled arteries. Suicide by stupid politcal crap, also the direction of this country.

Nah, he was killed with a flashbang.

A flashbang vs a fat person, flashbang wins.

Yeah, but thats different from just strolling about and dropping from exhaustion. If you haven’t been flash banged before, thats a lot of stress and could drop all sorts of people, especially with chemical agents in the air as well. They hit like a punch if they land close enough. Its a small explosion, with dangerous pieces, not just a bunch of noise.

If what the article says is true I expect the family of the bereaved will sue the LE agency concerned

Doesn’t have one. I knew a while back so I went searching and his wife left him ages ago and took the young kids.

Don’t hold your breath. That website and the article are both trash wags. Yeah more wingnut fantasy.

Yet, I also witnessed the same behavior as did Antifa intelligence. That’s just what happened.

I wonder if the lure of a few mil will lure some cousin out the wood work

Right? I want this incident public since it was so egregious.

Not sure why OAN or Fox wouldn’t run the story, if all the facts stand up to examination

Doesnt murder need intent?

They insured he’d die when they refused medical care.

I’m not sure that would fly in front of a judge .

Not giving a shit does not = murder

Just means it was their fault he died

I’m pretty sure it was fault of the dude who looked like he snorted In N Out double double cheeseburgers by the dozen. He might just as easily have died the day before or after, alone, at his computer jacking off to pics of Melania.

Fuck Trump’s dead fatty Gadsen punk motherfuckers. Fewer meth heads to raid DC in 2024. Hell needs fresh souls.


They also told people that the medic was coming, which was untrue. And when that was revealed, the patriots took him to the medic. But they used their position to ensure he dies.

Dude was just walking around when someone hit him with a grenade. Thats not cool. You’re angry because they beat up the cops, but the patriots beat the cops BECAUSE of the murder of ben philips. He wasnt murdered while attacking a soul.

The police had also been caught doing that in the white house area, at which point the secret services intervened and saved the guy. They’d been fucking with the Patriots all day and caused a riot.

Dude gargled hundreds of Big Macs and a tousand Carl’s Jr big ass fries before he ever showed up in Washington. Left wing psycho, drunk on fat, sugar, and cable.