Antif-Ah not Trump Supporters Behind Capitol Attack

Doofus, do you believe Ashley Babbit deserved to die?

Bullshit, Michael.

You’re all too familiar with the differences.

Don’t you want to debate me?

I think your debate is with Sub. If you want to call him out, feel free.

No, but when one decides to join in with violent insurrection the consequences may not be what one expects or deserve


My debate is with your God.

It’s cool tho. He and I do this all the time.

Did she really have a choice, that much militant behavioral conditioning, combined with predatory business loan lending?

False flag would require he was working for the government right?

Not just some anarchist that wanted to burn down the capitol.

Not so much. @BKR will tell you, BAMN - By Any Means Necessary. If you have a political goal, and the free time to chase it, it could just be a “freebie.” False flag does not imply Deep State / government conspiracy. It literally could have been just some anarchist(s) that wanted to burn down the capitol.

My money is on crazy person that just wanted to do crazy shit.

Motive: Crazy
Opportunity: in the vicinity of a lot of other crazy
Means: Crazy

My money is on that guy not making the same decisions on strong medication and time in a mental healthcare environment.

Also, @BKR lots of mentally ill people pass competency hearings. One of the most important reasons is something that neither liberals nor conservatives traditionally want to hear: we don’t have anywhere to put them all because we defunded state sponsored long term mental illness facilities.

The official line is that they pass competency hearings because they understood what they were doing was wrong some time after or before they did it but even a raving schizophrenic or a person in a deep manic episode has the self awareness to know when people won’t react well to some of the things they do and say. Believing your neighbor is trying to control your mind through radio waves isn’t the same thing as believing the cops will totally be ok with you murdering them for it.

IMO cults are like alcohol

They don’t make any one do anything

They lower inhibitions and alow an individual to do things social conditioning inhibits

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It’s good those were defunded. Absolute hell on earth. I put a sign up on my door that just said “HUMAN RIGHTS AND DIGNITY BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.” They were straight up trying to bring slavery back. Then they found the IBJJF and released me.

That’s it exactly. Permission.

Man generally can’t live without society and because of that, men fear society even if they don’t fear anything else. The only thing stopping us are the institutions.

Some people consider cancel culture to be some kind of tyranny.

Why are they so fucking weak? Why don’t they say, “screw you. I don’t need you or your stupid peer group.”

The answer is they do need those people.

Is ganging up on people to bully them into submission right? Sure. As long as no civil rights are violated, then why the hell not? That’s the free market at work.

Sometimes the free market is wrong but that’s just how shit goes.

Society is the sum of it’s parts, never greater than. If we collectively wanted a better world we could have it but we don’t so we get to eat the shit sandwich that we collectively make.

We laugh at real victims every day and we get upset when anyone corrects our shitty behavior, no matter how selfish it was.

That’s human nature. Religion is the sum of it’s parts as well and a mirror of society’s nature.

All of it comes back to securing permission to do the things we wanted to do anyway.

You are on a wrong roll, keep up the good work.

We were straight up trading lives for freedom in there. These fascist fucks will always be food. They literally planned to torture me until I told them I wasn’t a real BJJ guy. Or that I did owe Carlos money. Joshua Messier died for us. Then when released, I hunted down Evergreen, saving hundreds of lives.

I think you should read more about cult leaders.

They certainly do have a long track record of making people do things. Everything from leave their families, to sex, to drinking poison, to poisoning innocent people and hacking them to death.

There is a lot to unpack in there, man.

Who is Evergreen and how were they going to kill all those people?

It sounds like you’ve been through the ringer, man. For what it’s worth, I’m sorry you’ve had such a hard time. It sounds like you need to make a change to decompress for a little while. Take a vacation or just go down to the beach and and go for a long walk in nature.

Sorry, I realize I may have sounded accusatory there. I didn’t mean to project any inferences onto you.

Nothing is more annoying than when someone apologizes on BS.

That’s something for MAP or Martial Talk or Facebook.

Better to die on your feet, DB. Accuse him all you want, he’ll defend himself if you’re wrong.

This is the way.

Dude, a defense of insanity is different than the procedure for being deemed competent or incompetent to stand trial. I fucking work in the court system, I see this shit all the time.

If a judge orders a competency eval, and the examiner (a state certified examiner) finds the person competent, they move forward.
If not, they get sent to the very state institution (It’s in Orofino, here) for treatment for a given amount of time, that you seem to think does not exist?

The judge, PA and defense attorney read the report…and there is a hearing…in front of the judge…

That’s a different thing than being adjudicated insane and involuntarily committed.