Antif-Ah not Trump Supporters Behind Capitol Attack

Originally posted on the Facebook Group before Facebook censored it. Post as written on Facebook below:

Look y’all it wasn’t Trump seditionists, it was Antif-ah APs all the way. Neck beard says so.

EDIT: CONTENT WARNING- extended viewing may cause seizure, cerebral hemorrhage, or your IQ to leak out your ears.


As a fun point the journalist here is quoted as saying

If a writer wants to make money, he should avoid truth and tell people what they want to hear.

Apparently he decided to follow his own advice.

So did Salinger.

Every time I think of the term “reliable narrator” nowadays, I laugh loud and hard like the Buddha.


Nah, no false flag, nothing to see, here, move along…

John Sullivan was arrested and charged on January 14th, according to the Department of Justice, with “one count of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, one count of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, and one count of interfering with law enforcement engaged in the lawful performance of their official duties incident to and during the commission of civil disorder.” An FBI affidavit discounts Sullivan’s claim to be a journalist: “He has admitted,” the agent writes of Sullivan, “that he has no press credentials and the investigation has not revealed any connection between SULLIVAN and any journalistic organizations.”

Prior to entering the Capitol building, Sullivan can be seen using a microphone to address the crowd outside and yelling “we about to burn this s**t down” before leading the crowd in a chant of “it’s time for a revolution,” FBI Special Agent Matthew Foulger said in an affidavit.

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In that one post you gave a better argument than Michael Yon did in his entire video. But then you aren’t trying to sell me based on super secrets Antif-ah tactics that just happen to have been around since the days of Ghandi, and that right wing extremists actually used in Charlottesville.

No you presented… wait for it… facts.


Perhaps he just go swept up in the moment

This guy from Arizona is totally fucked. Read this PDF.

Iwonder if Harris will raise money to bail him out?

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Give it a couple months, she’ll be able to pardon him.


Clinton did worse…

I heard his lawyer talking to Chris Cuomo last night

He wants trump to pardon him because trump invited him to the capitol, and he’s a totally committed member of the trump cult, and he’s a committed shamen, and a veteran

Hmm, well, I’d love to see him testify to a jury about that.

He can stay in custody until he’s acquitted.

He seems more mentally I’ll than dangerous

Did he perpetrate violence?

Let him off with a caution as long as he keeps away from face paint and puts on a shirt

You’re doing it all wrong. He’s a traitor, guilty of sedition.

Were that the Capitol Police were so effective

Now, were he in a wheelchair…

I bet if they do a competency hearing he’ll pass.

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I don’t think sedition carries the death penalty, though.

That’s an oversight, I’m sure. Once in practice, people will fall in line.

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Waiting for some Democrat to propose legislation?

fall in line, lol…

Yeah, but so would wabbit