A Korean touch of death!

Did you like it?

Did I like what?

“You’ve obviously never fought full contact.”

Muay Thai fighters do it all the time. It’s called push-pull.

@User89 Also, that overly wide stance is good for kicking bags. Someone kicking back is a whole different game. You’d know that if you had any decent time sparring against an opponent.

I could help you with your game but you’re too arrogant to listen and learn.

@hungryjoe You do you asssume that I am interested in fighting?

You are the arrogant one spouting nonsense about dropping your hands when kicking. I exposed it, so now you move the goal post to my stance.

I dropped it because you’re arguing from a place of ignorance.

Now about that stance…

Here’s a clue foe you joe, i don’t spar the way I hit a bag.

Bag work is not sparring practise. That’s not what it’s designed for

We fight like we train.


If you’ll open your hips up a bit more you’ll increase your power and save on your knees. This is done by rotating more on that non kicking foot.

Trying to help you out a little.

Also relax your body a bit and loosen up.

Your hitting a bag.

Not fighting for the championship.

Nothing to be nervous about.

  • Opening the hips telegraph the motion to the eye
  • overrotating the supporting leg undermines mobility post kick.

I have fundamental issues with stiffness since hitting my 30s.

You are not watching prime user

What is your martial arts experience?

@PDA ITF TaeKwonDo 2014-

We had some kickboxers and amatuer Muay Thai fighters in the club. I did not get raped. Did just fine…

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Whats your competition record?

@PDA I didn’t compete. But I did a simulation of it. Rounds, referee.

My best sport in high school wss wrestling.

My weak points are flatfootedness and flexibility (relative to TKD).

So a Muah Thai or Kyokushin competition would suit me better. I will kick the same. The slower paceing is more in my alley

Do you have any footage of your simulations? Any more videos of you in action?

You open your hips during the kick.

If you don’t have a decent side or hook kick then you’re just another mediocre mouth boxer. What are you? 6th or 7th gup?

Enough pointing out little things to help. I’ve forgotten more about Korean MAs than you’ll ever know.

I’m still not a fan of chambered kicks.

I bet he’s had more simulated fights than you though!